5 Problems Faced After upgrading to Windows 10

New versions are thought to be better than the previous ones but it does not mean they do not create ant problem. While working on the problems caused by the last product we fail at some place while working on the latest one and the same happens with Windows.


Windows 10 is the latest in the market and it is also gaining a lot of recognition amongst its user but in order to eradicate the problem of the previous version according to the feedback and the survey they made they did fail at some places which has made Windows 10 problematic for some users. Below are the problems which many users have faced after upgrading their Windows to Windows 10.

Limited number of items Start menu hold: The start menu of Windows 10 cannot hold items more than 512. Although it is a very big number but there are people who have a greater number of applications and files to store and they cannot afford compromising with any so it has become a problem for these users. As long as the number stays on and below 512 the start menu looks fine and works properly but as soon as it reaches the number more than 512 the start menu looks like a complete mess. Along with these, issues such as err_name_not_resolved and 0xc00007b keep occurring now and then.

This problem has been faced by many users and they are hoping to get rid of this.

There are many clipboard issues in Windows 10: The number of items in the start menu is not alone but is accompanied by one of the common problem which every other user of Windows 10 is facing and that is the use of shortcut controls like for copying. The users are complaining that they have to keep pressing ctrl+C unless the text is copied to their clipboard and because of which they are using the earlier method for cut, copy and paste.

Apps in the Windows 10 stores keep on crashing: This is also one of the biggest point people are complaining about and they say when they try to download ant app from the Windows 10 store then it keeps con crashing which seems to be irritating most of the time because now they have to search for other ways to get back to those apps.

Wireless networks are unavailable: This has become annoying for many people whose work depends on the computers and because of the problems in the connection with wireless networks they are thinking to switch back to the previous window because every time you cannot carry a chord with you.

Start menu is not opening: Some people are able to get access of start menu but for many people this option has become just like the previous Windows i.e. Windows 8 where the option of start menu was not available and now this menu is same as the way it does not exist because it does not even open in many systems.

Why Windows 10 Is the Best Windows Ever!!

Recently Windows 10 launched by Microsoft in a way that excited the whole tech community. The whole community of tech enthusiast people is very excited about the rolling of the latest and most probably the greatest version of Windows.

Many users are already claiming that Windows 10 would be the greatest hit Microsoft have ever produced. And they are even backing up their claims with relevant facts.

Microsoft has a history of giving successful Windows versions at an alternate number. What does this mean? This means that Every two of the operating system that Microsoft makes, only one is successful.

So, the other one fails measurably. Windows 8 which is the current version of Windows, was the one whose turn was to fail and undoubtedly it failed too. Microsoft took a bold step by introducing numerous new features and new designs in Windows 8.

But all these changes irritated the users and made it difficult for Windows 8 to survive in the market. Moreover, Windows 8 had a lot of compatibility issues as well. Issues such as svchost .exe -k kept appearing which irritated the users and made them switch back to Windows 7.


Windows 7 was undoubtedly one of the best and the most stable version of Windows which Microsoft team ever produced. Here is something Theregister reported about the success of Windows 7:

Microsoft claims it has now sold more than 200 million Windows 7 licenses, in the first update to public sales claims it has offered since last May.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Microsoft executive VP of marketing Tami Reller described the sales growth as “pretty stunning,”

Can Windows 10 repeat the same history and be as successful as Windows 7 has been? This is a question that many of the tech users and actually the whole tech community is very very excited about. If we talk about the features, Windows 10 is a hit already.

But only time will tell if it can manage to be that successful money wise. Microsoft makes a major chunk of money from selling of pre installed Windows on laptops. Thus it wants to make sure more and more users try the new Windows 10 and love it.

That’s why they are even offering free upgrades to Windows 10 from previous versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. As of now even Windows XP users are allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 for no charge but the thing to be seen is how long this upgrade offer runs.

If you are thinking to upgrade to Windows 10, I would say do it right now. Don’t wait. Windows 10 is actually much much better than any other of Windows and thus you need to give it a try.