Framaroot Android Rooting App Review

You will find many apps to root your Android devices. Framaroot is one of the popular apps that helps you to root your Android with one click. The rooting process is very quick with this app. To use Framaroot, you will need to download Framaroot apk file, and then install it to the device. First of all, you will need permission to your device to allow it download and install the app from the “Unknown sources”.

While using the app for rooting you should make sure that your device is powered on. The internet connection is also necessary during the root process.

Framaroot is one of the most used apps to root the Android devices. However, the users have given positive as well as negative review to the site. Here is the review of the Plus points and drawback of this app:-


Framaroot application is very useful app for the following reasons:-

  • With this app, you can root your device with one lick. It means that you do not have to follow long steps like in different other apps. As you open the installed app, you will be provided with the different exploit and you can root by selecting the appropriate one for your device.
  • The app is not only used for root but also used for Unroot. This feature is not available in every app. Likewise the root process, the unroot process is also very simple.
  • After rooting your device, you will be able to use the latest version of Operating System by Android. Likewise, you can also use the different special apps that are available only on rooted smartphones.
  • Another positive point of this app is that you do not need your PC to complete the root steps for the device. Many other apps require your computer to root the device. But Framaroot doesn’t need it as the process can be ended within your Android only.
  • Most of the root apps require you to install the SuperSU by yourself. But in this app, it is installed automatically. It means you do not have to go through many complicated steps.


The app is beneficial in many ways but it has got some drawbacks too. Some of the negative factors are explained here:-

  • When you root your Android device with this app then you should remember that you have ruined your device warranty. It means you will no longer be able to use the free service if various problems arise in your device.
  • The app is only supported in the devices from Android 2.3 to Android 4.2.2. So, if you have the device rather than these versions then you should try other root apps. Kingroot Application is one of the best alternative for Android from 4.3 to 5.1 version.
  • One of the common issue found by the most of the users is that the app gets crashed sometimes. If you find this sort of issue then you should try uninstalling and re-installing the app for the solution.

After rooting your device, you might not be able to run some encrypted apps. However, the same condition applies for other rooting apps.

How to install and use Gamekiller

We always search for loopholes whether it is about any work or technology; we keep on finding short cuts until we get them. So, today I am here with something similar to this only and that is none other than Gamekiller.

As the word in itself explains Gamekiller is an app which helps in killing a game (not literally). Have you ever stuck on some point on any game which seems to be exhausting? If yes, then today I am going to give you a perfect solution after which you will never stuck at any point.

Gamekiller is just not an app to access games that are not available easily but through this you can do many things and make your playing experience even better. But, to experience the actual experience you need to first play with it.

So, the first step is to how to have Game killer free download as this app is not available on Google store because of which many users who want to install this app find it difficult to get the legitimate link.

Steps to install Gamekiller:

  • Go to the official site of Gamekiller and then click on the download link of Gamekiller app.
  • Then go to the Download folder of the computer and right click on it and click on Run.
  • It will take some time to install completely and then enjoy being a part of Gamekiller.

See it is not at all difficult to install Gamekiller and also using of Gamekiller.

How to use Gamekiller?

It is not difficult to use Gamekiller because all you need to do is to find the memory location so that you can change the value, just follow below given simple steps:

  • First open the application i.e. Gamekiller and then minimize it; once you do it you will see a Gamekiller icon on the left top of the screen.
  • Then open and start playing the game whose numerical value you want to change i.e. coins, gems etc. and then pause it for a while and click on the Gamekiller icon mentioned in 1st point.
  • Now enter your scores of that instant in the search field; initially, you will see lacks of memory locations.
  • Again resume your game and then again pause it and now type “New Score” in search field. Now there will be lesser memory locations.
  • You need to repeat this step until you see very few memory locations or just one.
  • To ensure that this is the correct memory location play for a while more and then check.
  • If this location is correct then just edit and set the values and enjoy being in rank.

Both Installation and use of Gamekiller is easy but all you need to know the exact process or steps so that you do not find yourself puzzled.

So, what are you waiting for? You have everything with you don’t just install and use it and enjoy being the part of Gamekiller and play whichever game you want or always wanted.

Download unblocked games for Free

Unblocked games are those games that will bypass most security systems in the computers and laptops that block the games from running. There are many security options to block the games.

We can see in most of the offices and schools which blocks the games. In schools students are not allowed to play games in their computer lab. Schools and colleges block the games so that the students don’t waste their time in games. Because they can be addicted to games and forgets to do their homework and classwork. So to avoid such situation schools and colleges block the games. They use different options of security to block the games.

With developments of different new technologies and new ideas games have been integral part of school kid’s life. They are so addicted to such heavy games that they spend their lunch money or pocket money for the games.

So to avoid such addiction, schools and colleges use different security options to block games.  But still some games can bypass the security options. These games are simple games with simple animations.

They can be played by certain keys from the keyboards and they don’t require huge configurations such as big space in hard- disk, Ram and graphics card and huge processor. And these games are known as free unblocked games

There are different sites which allow users to download the unblocked games. These games are developed in such a way that they are not detected by the security options and security settings and thus the user can run the game and enjoy.

This is a tricky game that bypasses all the security options and runs. We can download such games from different third party websites. For example you can download few unblocked games from the link .In this site you can download various unblocked games and play them without your internet connection after downloading.

Just go to the link and you will see different games. You can find various popular unblocked games such as bloons- tower, boombot2, boxhead- the zombie-wars, creative kill chamber, cube- field, and many more. You can also use torrent for download unblocked games. But it is not sure that the game you liked will be available.

Unblocked games are mostly played online. Most of the unblocked games are available for playing online but there are few websites which allows you to download these games. However there are third party websites which made these games available for downloading.

The owners of the game don’t allow you to download the games as their main source of income are online player and advertisements that appear while playing the games.

Unblocked games are easily available in the internet so rather than downloading most of the user prefer to play online rather than downloading. As these games are available in any time, we don’t have to bother about the game in the future. If you feel like playing the games you can simply open your browser and go to any unblocked game websites and play.

How Water Softener could keep your geeky home safe from health hazards?

Water is necessary for human life in many ways. It is important in human body as well as it has important role in the various other aspects of human life. To be healthy it is important that the water you use in your home should be clean.

Water gets contaminated as the various chemicals gets mixed to it. When the chemicals like magnesium and calcium gets mixed in the water then it is converted into the hard water. These types of the water has bad effects on the household works.

Water that contains inorganic chemicals such as chlorine, sodium and alum is not healthy for the human health. This inorganic minerals can result to the clogging and inorganic deposits in the bones. So, people should always drink healthy water.

But this types of the chemicals like chlorine, sodium and alum do not result the water to hard. The water becomes hard when there is big amount of magnesium, calcium and other ions gets mixed to it. Hard water do not affect the human health in big way.

Even if the hard water do not have direct negative impact on the Human health, these water has the negative impact on the various house works. So, you can get the water softener from the stores to overcome these problems. Here are some water softener reviews you should have a look at.

Followings are some of the problems that the Water Softeners solves to keep your home away from the various problems:-

  1. The hard water results in the deposit of the unwanted substances in the water pipes. It impacts the proper flow of the water.
  2. The film and scale from the hard water can get stacked on the kitchen fixtures and tiles. When the kitchen equipment are dirty it can have negative effect on the health.
  3. Hard water decreases the lather production from the soap. When you bath with these water various health problems may occur in your skin and it can also damage your hair.
  4. The dishes and glasses that you wash from the hard water can be seen spotted. It makes your house look unhealthy.
  5. The washed clothes by the hard water also do not look good. It also decreases the life of your cloth.
  6. The hard water also effects the taste of coffee and tea.
  7. Likewise, it also shortens the efficiency and life of the water heaters.

The water softener solves all the above problems and makes your house look clean and healthy. As we have already mentioned above that the hard water do not effects on the human health directly. But it may occur the various problems in your house that can affect your health.

So, it is wise idea to use the water softener. You have varieties of the options to choose from different companies. All the water softener are based on any one of the systems like: salt based, salt free or magnetic system. The technologies which are based on the salt free systems are more eco-friendly and does not have any negative impact on the drinking water.

How to fix err internet disconnected error on windows 8?

You have installed Windows 8 in your computer device and you are browsing internet through your web browser. Suddenly you see the message err internet disconnected error in your screen.


What would you do then? It might be very frustrating if you were working on your computer. In this article we will provide you the solution for this problem.

First of all it is important to know the reasons for this types of errors in the Windows. Hence, we have listed some of the causes here:-

  1. One of the most common reason is the antivirus software installed in your windows. The strategy setting in it might sometime cause for the error.
  2. One of the other common reason is your Local Area Network Connection setting. The various changes made in its setting will show you err internet disconnected in your screen while trying to browse internet.
  3. One of the other reason is due to your browser’s cookies and caches.

There are various methods available to solve err internet disconnected error in your computer. The best solutions are explained here:-

  1. Change the LAN setting

First of all you should check your LAN setting. For this you should first open the control panel from the start menu. The follow the steps here:-

  • From your control panel, open the “Internet” option provided there.
  • Go to your Local Area Network setting from there.
  • Now, uncheck all the options provided.
  • Click on the “Ok” button.

Most of the users have been successful to resolve the problem by following the above method. In case it does not work for you try the next steps described below. At times, users recieve this error while playing unblocked games as well.

  1. Reinstalling the Antivirus software

You are suggested to disable your Antivirus software temporarily. As already mentioned above, the error might occur due to your Antivirus program strategy. The program might have blocked the various website for the security reasons. So, you have to uninstall your program.

After uninstalling program try to access the website you are looking for. However, it is not recommended to keep your software uninstalled for the longer period of time. It may cause your computer to be attacked by the various virus. So, you should reinstall it once you are connected to the internet.

  1. Clear your cache and cookies data

Your cache and cookies in the browser also sometime become the reason for you to access this internet connection error. So, it can be helpful if you clear them from your browser.

  • The steps to cleat the cache and cookies in Google Chrome

Go to Menu icon in your browser. It is available at the top right side. Then Go to Setting and click on Advanced Setting. Check Cache and Cookies and other clearing options. Finally click on “Clear Browsing data”.

  • The Steps to clear cache and Cookies in Mozilla

Click on Menu at the top right side of the page. Go to History > Clear Recent History. Check the various options including “Cookies” and “Cache”. Press on “Clear Now”.

The above steps should solve your problem of dns probe finished no internet. If not then you can try restarting your router and reconnecting your device with the internet. 

5 Awesome Features of Aptoide MarketPlace

Aptoide Marketplace is very similar to the Google Play Store. However, you will find the differences in the some features. For example unlike the Google Play Store. Aptoide apk Marketplace is distributed. It means that Aptoide do not have the centralized store. You can have an access to different apps available in different user store and download the apps from there.

Among the many interesting features available in the Aptoide Market place, followings are some of the Awesome features:-

  1. Biggest android market

Aptoide market is one of the biggest app store. It contains huge amount of apps and games. By using this store you can get the apps downloaded from the various alternative stores. It means that with this you can have access to as many apps that are available in different stores.

  1. Effective searching

The Aptoide offers the very powerful and effective searching features. When you use this store, you can search for the app you are looking for in various apps store that is available all around the world. Similarly, it has added one another special feature in its “Search”. It has reduced various fake apps that you find while searching. It provided many people relief as before many people had to face the problem of downloading the fake apps from the app stores.

  1. Notification about the games and Apps updates

The different games and apps developers continuously tries to update their products by providing the new features and improving the old ones. You might have downloaded and installed the different apps and games in your devices but you do not know when the new versions are available. So, Aptoide has a feature that informs or notifies you if there is updates available for the various apps and games installed in your device.

  1. Download manager

Aptoide offers the features which helps you to easily manage all downloads. You can easily view the speed of file being downloaded and view the progress. You can see the amount of file downloaded and remaining amount to be downloaded.


Similarly, you can also pause the download progress if you need. Then later the paused download process can be resumed again whenever you want.

  1. Private Store

Aptoide offers you a private space in it where you can upload the games and apps.

Aptoide can be downloaded online and you will need to install it on your device to use the features offered. If you are installing the Aptoide for the first time in your device then you will be provided with the default store in it.

That default store will have some good apps in it. You can use that store to make a search for the different premium app. Likewise, you also have an option to make a search app on the various other stores. After downloading the app from the specific user store, you can add that store in your Aptoide. It will make all the app contained in that user store available in your default store.   

Hack tool for Boom Beach helps you to enjoy tremendous game benefits

Boom Beach is an amazing game and it is similar to clash of clans. The game play may be identical but it is completely different in its attractive sounds, graphics and adventurous battles. It is assured that you can experience a fast and effective playing practice.

The eye catching effects and music will remain you in this astonishing game platform for a long time. As a player, you can grow up an immense army and invade others. Further, you have to destroy more numbers of enemies and attack other islands to explore the gaming experience to a great extent. Make use of map to attack other enemies in an effective manner. Diamonds are considered to be the effective source for discovering magical treasures easily. You can make use of boom beach hack tool for dominating the game as per your needs. With help of online generator, you can gain extensive benefits at free of charge.

How to make use of hack tool?

People all over the world will become addictive towards this game as because of its eye catching and adventurous battles. Search for the best source for downloading the hack tool in the online. After the completion of downloading process, you have to install boom beach hack generatorin your device.

  • You have to connect your device with the use of USB cable and you need to wait until the hack tool detects your device.
  • You want to choose the desired OS option from the available choices and then click connect button.
  • Turn on the features of hack tool with the help of features tab. Include required amounts of diamond, iron and even more as per your needs.
  • You have to visit start hack tab and then click start button for generating the entered resources.
  • You need to wait for the completion of resource generation process and then unplug the connection for enjoying your resources.

The hack software is developed by the experienced and skilled hackers so that it will not provide any virus or malware functions in your device. There is no need to invest any amounts for make use of it.

Get your desired numbers of resources

The boom beach cheat tool will help you to obtain your desired resources at free of charge. In addition, it will not take more time and efforts for completing its process. It is assured that you can enjoy the benefits of this hack tool in high range. Auto update feature will update the tool without the need of manual intervention. It is created with anti-ban advantages and so it will provide any unwanted harmful functions to your device. You can make use of this cheat tool at any instance and other players cannot find the usage of hack tool in any case. After realizing these amazing features, you will suggest this remarkable hack tool to your friends. The entered resources will automatically transfer into your game account effectively. It is assured that you can enjoy the real pleasures of boom beach game with the use of hack tool.

5 Problems Faced After upgrading to Windows 10

New versions are thought to be better than the previous ones but it does not mean they do not create ant problem. While working on the problems caused by the last product we fail at some place while working on the latest one and the same happens with Windows.


Windows 10 is the latest in the market and it is also gaining a lot of recognition amongst its user but in order to eradicate the problem of the previous version according to the feedback and the survey they made they did fail at some places which has made Windows 10 problematic for some users. Below are the problems which many users have faced after upgrading their Windows to Windows 10.

Limited number of items Start menu hold: The start menu of Windows 10 cannot hold items more than 512. Although it is a very big number but there are people who have a greater number of applications and files to store and they cannot afford compromising with any so it has become a problem for these users. As long as the number stays on and below 512 the start menu looks fine and works properly but as soon as it reaches the number more than 512 the start menu looks like a complete mess. Along with these, issues such as err_name_not_resolved and 0xc00007b keep occurring now and then.

This problem has been faced by many users and they are hoping to get rid of this.

There are many clipboard issues in Windows 10: The number of items in the start menu is not alone but is accompanied by one of the common problem which every other user of Windows 10 is facing and that is the use of shortcut controls like for copying. The users are complaining that they have to keep pressing ctrl+C unless the text is copied to their clipboard and because of which they are using the earlier method for cut, copy and paste.

Apps in the Windows 10 stores keep on crashing: This is also one of the biggest point people are complaining about and they say when they try to download ant app from the Windows 10 store then it keeps con crashing which seems to be irritating most of the time because now they have to search for other ways to get back to those apps.

Wireless networks are unavailable: This has become annoying for many people whose work depends on the computers and because of the problems in the connection with wireless networks they are thinking to switch back to the previous window because every time you cannot carry a chord with you.

Start menu is not opening: Some people are able to get access of start menu but for many people this option has become just like the previous Windows i.e. Windows 8 where the option of start menu was not available and now this menu is same as the way it does not exist because it does not even open in many systems.

Why Windows 10 Is the Best Windows Ever!!

Recently Windows 10 launched by Microsoft in a way that excited the whole tech community. The whole community of tech enthusiast people is very excited about the rolling of the latest and most probably the greatest version of Windows.

Many users are already claiming that Windows 10 would be the greatest hit Microsoft have ever produced. And they are even backing up their claims with relevant facts.

Microsoft has a history of giving successful Windows versions at an alternate number. What does this mean? This means that Every two of the operating system that Microsoft makes, only one is successful.

So, the other one fails measurably. Windows 8 which is the current version of Windows, was the one whose turn was to fail and undoubtedly it failed too. Microsoft took a bold step by introducing numerous new features and new designs in Windows 8.

But all these changes irritated the users and made it difficult for Windows 8 to survive in the market. Moreover, Windows 8 had a lot of compatibility issues as well. Issues such as svchost .exe -k kept appearing which irritated the users and made them switch back to Windows 7.


Windows 7 was undoubtedly one of the best and the most stable version of Windows which Microsoft team ever produced. Here is something Theregister reported about the success of Windows 7:

Microsoft claims it has now sold more than 200 million Windows 7 licenses, in the first update to public sales claims it has offered since last May.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Microsoft executive VP of marketing Tami Reller described the sales growth as “pretty stunning,”

Can Windows 10 repeat the same history and be as successful as Windows 7 has been? This is a question that many of the tech users and actually the whole tech community is very very excited about. If we talk about the features, Windows 10 is a hit already.

But only time will tell if it can manage to be that successful money wise. Microsoft makes a major chunk of money from selling of pre installed Windows on laptops. Thus it wants to make sure more and more users try the new Windows 10 and love it.

That’s why they are even offering free upgrades to Windows 10 from previous versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. As of now even Windows XP users are allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 for no charge but the thing to be seen is how long this upgrade offer runs.

If you are thinking to upgrade to Windows 10, I would say do it right now. Don’t wait. Windows 10 is actually much much better than any other of Windows and thus you need to give it a try.