EN-EL5 Battery For Nikon P5100 P6000 P510 P530 Coolpix S10 Battery

  • Battery for Nikon EN-EL5

    Battery Type : Li-Ion
    Li-Ion: A technology that solves many of the nickel technology problems. Lithium ion batteries have a higher capacity than even nickel metal. They have no "memory effect" at all (and thus regardless of their current state they can always be recharged to their fullest capacity).

    Capacity : 1080mAh

    Voltage : 3.7V

    Warranty: One Year
    CE, PONY Testing Certified
    100% compatible
    Overcharging Protecting

    Replacement Battery Models:

    Nikon EN-EL5

    Fit for Camera Models:

    Nikon Coolpix Series:
    Coolpix 3700
    Coolpix 4200
    Coolpix 5200 , Coolpix 5900
    Coolpix 7900
    Coolpix P3 , Coolpix P4
    Coolpix P80 , Coolpix P90 P100
    Coolpix P5000 , Coolpix P5100
    Coolpix P6000
    Coolpix S10 , Coolpix S11
    Coolpix P510 P500

    Please note:
    This list is not a comprehensive list. New camera models are always being released and your camera may not be listed above. If your camera takes any of the battery models mentioned above , then this charger will work with your camera.
    You can contact us through E-mail to make sure it fits or not, thank you.

    1. Do not disassemble or attempt to open the charger.
    2. Disconnect the main plug from the supply socket when not in use.
    3. Charge the specified battery only!
    4. Keep away from fire or moisture.
    5. Lithium battery life of about 3 years, you can cycle use through about 500-600 times. Lithium battery should be replaced after three years.


    1x Battery
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