5200mAh 10.8V Laptop Battery for Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS A215 PABAS098

  • Specification:

    Product Type: Brand new replacement battery
    Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 10.8V
    Capacity: 5200mAh
    Warranty:12 month

    Compatible With:
    Compatible Models:
    Toshiba Dynabook TV/68J2,
    Toshiba Equium A300D-13X,
    Toshiba Equium A300D-16C,
    Toshiba Equium L300-146,
    Toshiba Equium L300-17Q,
    Toshiba Satellite L455-S5975
    Toshiba Satellite A350D series,
    Toshiba Satellite A355D Series,
    Toshiba Satellite A505 series
    Toshiba Dynabook AX Series
    Dynabook AX/52E, Dynabook AX/52F,
    Dynabook AX/52G, Dynabook AX/53C,
    Dynabook AX/53D, Dynabook AX/53F,
    Dynabook AX/53FBL, Dynabook AX/53FPK,
    Dynabook AX/53G, Dynabook AX/53GBL,
    Dynabook AX/53GPK, Dynabook AX/53H,
    Dynabook AX/53HBL, Dynabook AX/53HPK,
    Dynabook AX/53J, Dynabook AX/53JBL,
    Dynabook AX/53JPK, Dynabook AX/54C,
    Dynabook AX/54D, Dynabook AX/54EP,
    Dynabook AX/54F, Dynabook AX/54G,
    Dynabook AX/54H, Dynabook AX/54J,
    Dynabook AX/55C, Dynabook AX/55D,
    Dynabook AX/55E, Dynabook AX/55EP,
    Dynabook AX/55F, Dynabook AX/57E
    Toshiba Dynabook EX Series
    Dynabook EX/33H, Dynabook EX/33J,
    Dynabook EX/63H, Dynabook EX/63J
    Toshiba Dynabook Satellite Series
    Dynabook Satellite AXW/60J2W, Dynabook Satellite EXW/55HW,
    Dynabook Satellite EXW/57HW, Dynabook Satellite PXW/55GW,
    Dynabook Satellite PXW/57GW, Dynabook Satellite PXW/59GW,
    Dynabook Satellite T30 160C/5W, Dynabook Satellite T30 166E/5W,
    Dynabook Satellite T31 186C/5W, Dynabook Satellite T31 200E/5W,
    Dynabook Satellite TXW/66DW, Dynabook Satellite TXW/66EW,
    Dynabook Satellite TXW/67DW, Dynabook Satellite TXW/67JW,
    Dynabook Satellite TXW/69CW, Dynabook Satellite TXW/69DW
    Toshiba Dynabook TX Series
    Dynabook TX/65C, Dynabook TX/65D,
    Dynabook TX/65E, Dynabook TX/65G,
    Dynabook TX/65H, Dynabook TX/65J,
    Dynabook TX/66C, Dynabook TX/66D,
    Dynabook TX/66E, Dynabook TX/66EP,
    Dynabook TX/66G, Dynabook TX/66GBL,
    Dynabook TX/66GPK, Dynabook TX/66H,
    Dynabook TX/66HBL, Dynabook TX/66HPK,
    Dynabook TX/66J, Dynabook TX/66J2,
    Dynabook TX/66J2BL, Dynabook TX/66J2PK,
    Dynabook TX/66JBL, Dynabook TX/66JPK,
    Dynabook TX/67C, Dynabook TX/67D,
    Dynabook TX/67E, Dynabook TX/67G,
    Dynabook TX/67H, Dynabook TX/67J2,
    Dynabook TX/68D, Dynabook TX/68E,
    Dynabook TX/68H, Dynabook TX/68J
    Toshiba Equium A200 Series
    Equium A200-15i, Equium A200-196,
    Equium A200-1AC, Equium A210-17I
    Toshiba L300 Series
    L300D-EZ1001V, L300D-EZ1002X,
    L300-EZ1004X, L300-EZ1005X
    Toshiba Satellite A200 Series
    Satellite A200-0ET00X, Satellite A200-0RY013,
    Satellite A200-0SX01C, Satellite A200-10N,
    Satellite A200-110, Satellite A200-12F,
    Satellite A200-12Q, Satellite A200-12S,
    Satellite A200-13E, Satellite A200-13L,
    Satellite A200-13M, Satellite A200-13T,
    Satellite A200-13U, Satellite A200-13V,
    Satellite A200-14S, Satellite A200-14X,
    Satellite A200-17O, Satellite A200-17X,
    Satellite A200-180, Satellite A200-182,
    Satellite A200-18M, Satellite A200-18T,
    Satellite A200-18W, Satellite A200-191,
    Satellite A200-193, Satellite A200-195,
    Satellite A200-19C, Satellite A200-19I,
    Satellite A200-19K, Satellite A200-19M,
    Satellite A200-25W, Satellite A200-27U,
    Satellite A200-1A9, Satellite A200-1AA,
    Satellite A200-1AB, Satellite A200-1Ai,
    Satellite A200-1AS, Satellite A200-1BW,
    Satellite A200-1CC, Satellite A200-1CG,
    Satellite A200-1DA, Satellite A200-1DN,
    Satellite A200-1DQ, Satellite A200-1DR,
    Satellite A200-1DS, Satellite A200-1DT,
    Satellite A200-1E1, Satellite A200-1G6,
    Satellite A200-1G9, Satellite A200-1GD,
    Satellite A200-1GF, Satellite A200-1HU,
    Satellite A200-1O5, Satellite A200-1O6,
    Satellite A200-1O7, Satellite A200-1QU,
    Satellite A200-1QZ, Satellite A200-1RK,
    Satellite A200-1SC, Satellite A200-1SV,
    Satellite A200-1TB, Satellite A200-1TJ,
    Satellite A200-1TO, Satellite A200-1UM,
    Satellite A200-1VG, Satellite A200-1VP,
    Satellite A200-1VT, Satellite A200-1YO,
    Satellite A200-2BL, Satellite A200-2BO,
    Satellite A200-M00, Satellite A200-ST2041,
    Satellite A200-ST2042, Satellite A200-ST2043,
    Satellite A202, Satellite A203
    Toshiba Satellite A205 Series
    Satellite A205-S4537, Satellite A205-S4557,
    Satellite A205-S4567, Satellite A205-S4577,
    Satellite A205-S4578, Satellite A205-S4587,
    Satellite A205-S4597, Satellite A205-S4607,
    Satellite A205-S4617, Satellite A205-S4618,
    Satellite A205-S4629, Satellite A205-S4638,
    Satellite A205-S4639, Satellite A205-S4707,
    Satellite A205-S4777, Satellite A205-S4787,
    Satellite A205-S4797, Satellite A205-S5800,
    Satellite A205-S5801, Satellite A205-S5803,
    Satellite A205-S5804, Satellite A205-S5805,
    Satellite A205-S5806, Satellite A205-S5809,
    Satellite A205-S5810, Satellite A205-S5811,
    Satellite A205-S5812, Satellite A205-S5813,
    Satellite A205-S5814, Satellite A205-S5816,
    Satellite A205-S5819, Satellite A205-S5821,
    Satellite A205-S5823, Satellite A205-S6808,
    Satellite A205-S6810, Satellite A205-S6812,
    Satellite A205-S7442, Satellite A205-S7443,
    Satellite A205-S7456, Satellite A205-S7458,
    Satellite A205-S7459, Satellite A205-S7464,
    Satellite A205-S7466, Satellite A205-S7468
    Toshiba Satellite A210 Series
    Satellite A210-103, Satellite A210-106,
    Satellite A210-109, Satellite A210-10A,
    Satellite A210-10C, Satellite A210-10L,
    Satellite A210-10Y, Satellite A210-111,
    Satellite A210-117, Satellite A210-11K,
    Satellite A210-11P, Satellite A210-128,
    Satellite A210-12U, Satellite A210-12Z,
    Satellite A210-130, Satellite A210-131,
    Satellite A210-135, Satellite A210-149,
    Satellite A210-14T, Satellite A210-14U,
    Satellite A210-151, Satellite A210-15A,
    Satellite A210-15Y, Satellite A210-162,
    Satellite A210-165, Satellite A210-16Y,
    Satellite A210-172, Satellite A210-173,
    Satellite A210-17R, Satellite A210-17S,
    Satellite A210-17X, Satellite A210-17Z,
    Satellite A210-1BX, Satellite A210-ST1616
    Toshiba Satellite A215 Series
    Satellite A215-S4697, Satellite A215-S4717,
    Satellite A215-S4737, Satellite A215-S4747,
    Satellite A215-S4757, Satellite A215-S4767,
    Satellite A215-S4807, Satellite A215-S4817,
    Satellite A215-S6804, Satellite A215-S6814,
    Satellite A215-S7408, Satellite A215-S7414,
    Satellite A215-S7422, Satellite A215-S7427,
    Satellite A215-S7428, Satellite A215-S7433,
    Satellite A215-S7444, Satellite A215-S7447,
    Satellite A215-S7472
    Toshiba Satellite A300 Series
    Satellite A300-00Q, Satellite A300-08V,
    Satellite A300-08W, Satellite A300-10M,
    Satellite A300-177, Satellite A300-18K,
    Satellite A300-19O, Satellite A300-19Q,
    Satellite A300-19R, Satellite A300-1BZ,
    Satellite A300-1DB, Satellite A300-1DG,
    Satellite A300-1FP, Satellite A300-1HV,
    Satellite A300-1IJ, Satellite A300-1IW,
    Satellite A300-1J1, Satellite A300-1JF,
    Satellite A300-1L0, Satellite A300-1MC,
    Satellite A300-1ME, Satellite A300-1MX,
    Satellite A300-1OM, Satellite A300-1OT,
    Satellite A300-1QD, Satellite A300-1QM,
    Satellite A300-1R2, Satellite A300-1SO,
    Satellite A300-1SP, Satellite A300-M01,
    Satellite A300-P01, Satellite A300-ST3501,
    Satellite A300-ST3502, Satellite A300-ST3511,
    Satellite A300-ST3512, Satellite A300-ST4004,
    Satellite A300-ST4505, Satellite A300-ST6511
    Toshiba Satellite A300D Series
    Satellite A300D-154, Satellite A300D-15B,
    Satellite A300D-17I, Satellite A300D-17L
    Toshiba Satellite A305 Series
    Satellite A305-S6825, Satellite A305-S6829,
    Satellite A305-S6833, Satellite A305-S6834,
    Satellite A305-S6837, Satellite A305-S6839,
    Satellite A305-S6841, Satellite A305-S6843,
    Satellite A305-S6844, Satellite A305-S6845
    Toshiba Satellite A305D Series
    Satellite A305D-S6831, Satellite A305D-S6835
    Toshiba Satellite A350 Series
    Satellite A350-ST3601
    Toshiba Satellite A355 Series
    Satellite A355-S6924, Satellite A355-S6931
    Toshiba Satellite A500 Series
    Satellite A500-03P, Satellite A500-040,
    Satellite A500-042, Satellite A500-11U,
    Satellite A500-15M, Satellite A500-15N,
    Satellite A500-ST5601, Satellite A500-ST5602,
    Satellite A500-ST6621
    Toshiba Satellite A505D Series
    Satellite A505D-S6958, Satellite A505D-S6968,
    Satellite A505-S6960, Satellite A505-S6965,
    Satellite A505-S6966, Satellite A505-S6967,
    Satellite A505-S6969, Satellite A505-S6970,
    Satellite A505-S6971, Satellite A505-S6972,
    Satellite A505-S6973, Satellite A505-S6975,
    Satellite A505-S6976, Satellite A505-S6979
    Toshiba Satellite L200 Series
    Satellite L201, Satellite L202,
    Satellite L203, Satellite L205
    Toshiba Satellite L300 Series
    Satellite L300-13R, Satellite L300-13Z,
    Satellite L300-149, Satellite L300-14G,
    Satellite L300-16L, Satellite L300-18D,
    Satellite L300-18E, Satellite L300-19F,
    Satellite L300-19N, Satellite L300-19U,
    Satellite L300-19Y, Satellite L300-1AP,
    Satellite L300-1AQ, Satellite L300-1AR,
    Satellite L300-1AS, Satellite L300-1AX,
    Satellite L300-1BD, Satellite L300-1BG,
    Satellite L300-1BV, Satellite L300-1BW,
    Satellite L300-1CM, Satellite L300-1CU,
    Satellite L300-20A, Satellite L300-700,
    Satellite L300-900, Satellite L300-F00,
    Satellite L300-R00, Satellite L300-S00,
    Satellite L300-ST2501, Satellite L300-ST3502
    Toshiba Satellite L300D Series
    Satellite L300D-11V, Satellite L300D-12I,
    Satellite L300D-12L, Satellite L300D-13S,
    Satellite L300D-ST3501, Satellite L300D-ST3503
    Toshiba Satellite L305 Series
    Satellite L305-S5883, Satellite L305-S5924
    Toshiba Satellite L305D Series
    Satellite L305D-S5874, Satellite L305D-S5870,
    Satellite L305D-S5890
    Toshiba Satellite L500 Series
    Satellite L500-01V, Satellite L500-11N,
    Satellite L500-11V, Satellite L500-128,
    Satellite L500-13N, Satellite L500-13V,
    Satellite L500-ST2521
    Toshiba Satellite L500D Series
    Satellite L500D-11R, Satellite L500D-ST2531,
    Satellite L500D-ST5501, Satellite L500D-ST5600
    Toshiba Satellite L505 Series
    Satellite L505-S5964, Satellite L505-S5966,
    Satellite L505-S5967, Satellite L505-S5969,
    Satellite L505-S6946, Satellite L505-S6951,
    Satellite L505-S6953, Satellite L505-S6954,
    Satellite L505-S6955, Satellite L505-S6956,
    Satellite L505-S6959, Satellite L505-S6962
    Toshiba Satellite L505D Series
    Satellite L505D-S5963, Satellite L505D-S5965,
    Satellite L505D-S6947, Satellite L505D-S6948,
    Satellite L505D-S6952
    Toshiba Satellite L550 series
    Satellite L550-00Y, Satellite L550-113,
    Satellite L550-ST2721, Satellite L550-ST5701,
    Satellite L550-ST5702
    Toshiba Satellite L555 Series
    Satellite L555-S7916, Satellite L555-S7918
    Toshiba Satellite L555D Series
    Satellite L555D-S7909, Satellite L555D-S7910,
    Satellite L555D-S7912
    Toshiba Satellite M200 Series
    Satellite M200-ST2001, Satellite M200-ST2002,
    Satellite M202, Satellite M203, Satellite M206
    Satellite M207, Satellite M208, Satellite M209,
    Satellite M211, Satellite M212, Satellite M215,
    Satellite M216
    Toshiba Satellite M205 Series
    Satellite M205-S3207, Satellite M205-S3217,
    Satellite M205-S7452, Satellite M205-S7453
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Series
    Satellite Pro A200-16B, Satellite Pro A200-16N,
    Satellite Pro A200-16Y, Satellite Pro A200-18P,
    Satellite Pro A200-1AQ, Satellite Pro A200-1ER,
    Satellite Pro A200-1ET, Satellite Pro A200-1JW,
    Satellite Pro A200-1K4, Satellite Pro A200-1KQ,
    Satellite Pro A200-1KW, Satellite Pro A200-1LZ,
    Satellite Pro A200-1MN, Satellite Pro A200-1MT,
    Satellite Pro A200-1MV, Satellite Pro A200-1OJ,
    Satellite Pro A200-1PN, Satellite Pro A200-1PO,
    Satellite Pro A200-1PP, Satellite Pro A200-1SW,
    Satellite Pro A200-EZ2204X, Satellite Pro A200-EZ2205X,
    Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9, Satellite Pro A200HD-1U3,
    Satellite Pro A200HD-1U4, Satellite Pro A200SE-16Z,
    Satellite Pro A200SE-1F7, Satellite Pro A200SE-1H4,
    Satellite Pro A200SE-1PS, Satellite Pro A200SE-1TC
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 Series
    Satellite Pro A210-16V, Satellite Pro A210-16W,
    Satellite Pro A210-175, Satellite Pro A210-176,
    Satellite Pro A210-EZ2201, Satellite Pro A210-EZ2202X,
    Satellite Pro A210-EZ2203X
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 Series
    Satellite Pro A300-192, Satellite Pro A300-193,
    Satellite Pro A300-194, Satellite Pro A300-195,
    Satellite Pro A300-1C2, Satellite Pro A300-1DZ,
    Satellite Pro A300-1E0, Satellite Pro A300-1E7,
    Satellite Pro A300-1EA, Satellite Pro A300-1FZ,
    Satellite Pro A300-1G0, Satellite Pro A300-1HD,
    Satellite Pro A300-1HE, Satellite Pro A300-1LW,
    Satellite Pro A300-1NG, Satellite Pro A300-1NH,
    Satellite Pro A300-1O9, Satellite Pro A300-1OP,
    Satellite Pro A300-1OQ, Satellite Pro A300-1PW
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D Series
    Satellite Pro A300D-131, Satellite Pro A300D-132,
    Satellite Pro A300D-13E, Satellite Pro A300D-13S,
    Satellite Pro A300D-14N, Satellite Pro A300D-14O
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Series
    Satellite Pro L300-154, Satellite Pro L300-155,
    Satellite Pro L300-156, Satellite Pro L300-15E,
    Satellite Pro L300-19K, Satellite Pro L300-19Q,
    Satellite Pro L300-19R, Satellite Pro L300-19S,
    Satellite Pro L300-1AD, Satellite Pro L300-1AF,
    Satellite Pro L300-1AI, Satellite Pro L300-1AU,
    Satellite Pro L300-1CN, Satellite Pro L300-EZ1501,
    Satellite Pro L300-EZ1502, Satellite Pro L300-EZ1523,
    Satellite Pro L300-EZ1525
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D Series
    Satellite Pro L300D-120, Satellite Pro L300D-136,
    Satellite Pro L300D-138, Satellite Pro L300D-13C
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 Series
    Satellite Pro L450-EZ1541, Satellite Pro L450-EZ1542,
    Satellite Pro L450-EZ1543
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L550 Series
    Satellite Pro L550-EZ1702
    Replace Part Number (PN):
    PA3533U-1BRS, PA3533U-1BAS, PA3534U-1BRS, PA3534U-1BAS, PA3535U-1BRS, PA3535U-1BAS, PABAS098.


    *This battery is new and its specifications comply in all respects to the standards of the original manufacturer. The battery is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

    *Our products are FCC, CE and RoHS certified. Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating

    *We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

    Battery Tips:

    - Please fully charge before first using / At least charge 1 time every 3 months / Remove the battery from the device when not in use to prevent slow discharge.

    - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. It helps maintain a good connection between the battery and the device.

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