Battery For Black Decker Firestorm 18V 3.0Ah 244760-00 A1718 A18 HPB18 HPB18-OPE

  • Item Specification :

    Product Type : Replacement Battery (Brand New)

    Battery Type:Ni-MH
    Capacity: 3000mAh
    Dimension:142.19 x 78.61 x 51.97 mm
    Weight:862.56 g
    Condition:Brand New, 1 year warranty!

    Compatible Part Numbers:
    244760-00, A1718, A18, HPB18, HPB18-OPE, FS180BX, FS18BX, FS18FL, FSB18

    Compatible Model Numbers:
    Black & Decker BD18PSK,
    Black & Decker FS188F4,
    Black & Decker GC818,
    Black & Decker GCO18SFB,
    Black & Decker KC1800SK,
    Black & Decker KS1880S,
    Black & Decker NHT518,
    Black & Decker NPP2018,
    Black & Decker NPT3118,
    Black & Decker NS118,
    Black & Decker NSW18,
    Black & Decker SS18

    Black & Decker BDGL Series
    BDGL1800, BDGL18K-2
    Black & Decker BPT Series:
    BPT318, BPT318-XE

    Black & Decker CCS Series:
    CCS818, CCS818-2
    Black & Decker CD Series:
    CD182K-2, CD18SFRK, CD18SK-2
    Black & Decker CDC Series:
    CDC180AK, CDC180ASB, CDC18GK2
    Black & Decker EPC Series:
    EPC18, EPC186, EPC188, EPC188XE, EPC18CABK,
    Black & Decker GKC Series:
    GKC1817, GKC1817NH, GKC1817P
    Black & Decker HP Series:
    HP188F2B, HP188F3B, HP188F3K
    Black & Decker HPD Series:
    HPD1800, HPD18K-2
    Black & Decker HPG Series:
    HPG1800, HPG18K-2
    Black & Decker NST Series:
    NST1118, NST1810, NST2018,
    Black & Decker PS Series:
    PS182KB, PS18K2
    Black & Decker XTC Series:
    XTC183BK, XTC18BK

    FS1800CS, FS1800D, FS1800D-2,
    FS1800ID, FS1800JS, FS1800RS,
    FS1800S, FS1802D, FS1802S,
    FS1806CSL, FS18CS, FS18HV,
    FS18ID, FS18PS, FS18PSK,
    FS18RS, FSL18, FSX1800HD,
    FSX18HD, GPC1800, GPC1800P


    *This battery is new and its specifications comply in all respects to the standards of the original manufacturer. The battery is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

    *Our products are FCC, CE and RoHS certified. Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating

    *We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

    Battery Tips:

    - Please fully charge before first using / At least charge 1 time every 3 months / Remove the battery from the device when not in use to prevent slow discharge.

    - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. It helps maintain a good connection between the battery and the device.

    Package included:
    1 X 18V 3000mAh batteries for Black and Decker 18v power tools

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