Battery For HP Compaq 441462-251 446507-001 411462-421 417066-001 EV088AA

  • Specification:
    Product Type: Brand new replacement battery 
    Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 10.8V
    Capacity: 5200mAh
    Warranty:12 month
    Compatible With:
    Replace Part Number:
    441425-001, 432306-001, 432307-001, 417066-001, 446506-001, 446507-001,
    454931-001, 455804-001, 441243-141, 436281-141, 441462-251, EV088AA,
    Compatible Models:
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2000 SeriesDV2003EA, DV2004EA, DV2004XX, DV2005EA,
    DV2006EA, DV2007EA, DV2008EA, DV2020EA, DV2025LA, DV2028EA, DV2029EA,
    DV2030EA, DV2031EA, DV2032EA, DV2034EA, DV2035EA, DV2035LA, DV2036EA,
    DV2049TU, DV2053EA, DV2064EA, DV2065EA, DV2000, DV2000T, DV2000z,
    DV2001XX, DV2001tu, DV2001tx, DV2002tu, DV2002tx, DV2002xx, DV2003tu,
    DV2003tx, DV2004tu, DV2004tx, DV2005XX, DV2005tu, DV2005tx, DV2006XX,
    DV2006tu, DV2006tx, DV2007tu, DV2007tx, DV2008tu, DV2008tx, DV2009ea,
    DV2009tu, DV2009tx, DV2010ea, DV2010tu
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2100 SeriesDV2102EU, DV2103EA, DV2104EU, DV2116EA,
    DV2129EA, DV2130EA, DV2130TX, DV2131TX, DV2132TX, DV2133TX, DV2134TX,
    DV2135TX, DV2136TX, DV2151EA, DV2160LA, DV2161TX, DV2172EA, DV2173EA,
    DV2175EA, DV2180EU, DV2190EA, DV2195EU, DV2000T, DV2100, DV2101au,
    DV2101eu, DV2101tu, DV2101tx, DV2101xx, DV2102au, DV2102tu
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2200 SeriesDV2200EA, DV2210EA, DV2211TU, DV2212TU,
    DV2213TU, DV2214TU, DV2215TU, DV2222LA, DV2225EA, DV2225TX, DV2226EA,
    DV2226TX, DV2227TX, DV2241EA, DV2245EA, DV2246EA, DV2268EA, DV2200,
    DV2201TU, DV2201au, DV2201tx, DV2201xx, DV2202au, DV2202tu, DV2202tx,
    DV2203au, DV2203tu, DV2203tx, DV2204au, DV2204tu, DV2204tx, DV2205ea,
    DV2205tu, DV2205tx, DV2206TX, DV2206tu, DV2207TX, DV2207ea, DV2207tu,
    DV2208TX, DV2208ea, DV2208tu, DV2209TX, DV2209ea, DV2209tu, DV2210TX,
    DV2210tu, DV2211TX, DV2212tx, DV2213tx, DV2214tx
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2300 SeriesDV2300, DV2301tu, DV2301tx, DV2302tu,
    DV2302tx, DV2303tu, DV2303tx, DV2304tu, DV2304tx, DV2305ea, DV2305tu,
    DV2305tx, DV2306ea, DV2306tx, DV2307tx, DV2308tx, DV2310us, DV2312us,
    DV2313ca, DV2313cl, DV2315nr, DV2320us, DV2327ea, DV2336ea, DV2351ea,
    DV2352ea, DV2363ea, DV2370ea, DV2309TX, DV2348EA, DV2375EA, DV2323ea,
    DV2324ea, DV2325ea
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2400 SeriesDV2418NR, DV2410EP, DV2410ET, DV2415ES,
    DV2440EZ, DV2420et, DV2400, DV2401tx, DV2403tx, DV2404tx, DV2405tx,
    DV2406tx, DV2401au, DV2401tu, DV2402au, DV2402ca, DV2402tu, DV2402tx,
    DV2403au, DV2403tu, DV2404au, DV2404ca, DV2404tu, DV2405au, DV2405tu,
    DV2406au, DV2406TU, DV2407TU, DV2408ca, DV2408tu, DV2408tx, DV2409tu,
    DV2409tx, DV2410ca
    HP Pavilion DV2500 SeriesDV2500t, DV2500tw, DV2501tu, DV2501tx, DV2501xx,
    DV2502tu, DV2502tx, DV2503tu, DV2503tx, DV2503xx, DV2504tu, DV2504tx,
    DV2504xx, DV2505tu, DV2505tx, DV2506tu, DV2506tx, DV2506xx, DV2507tu,
    DV2508tu, DV2508tx, DV2509tu, DV2509tx, DV2510eb, DV2510eo, DV2510tu,
    DV2510tx, DV2511tu, DV2511tx, DV2512tu, DV2512tx, DV2513tu, DV2513tx,
    DV2514tu, DV2514tx, DV2515ea, DV2515eo, DV2515tu, DV2515tx, DV2516tu,
    DV2516tx, DV2517tu,
    DV2517tx, DV2518tu, DV2518tx, DV2519ea,DV2519tu, DV2519tx, DV2520ea,
    DV2520ee, DV2520en, DV2520tu, DV2520tx, DV2521ea, DV2521ee, DV2521tu,
    DV2521tx, DV2522tx, DV2523tx, DV2524tx, DV2525ea, DV2525ei, DV2525en,
    DV2525tx, DV2526tx, DV2527tx, DV2528ea, DV2528tx, DV2529ea, DV2529tx,
    DV2530ea, DV2530ee, DV2530en, DV2530er, DV2530tx, DV2531ea, DV2531ee,
    DV2531tx, DV2532tx, DV2533tx, DV2534ef, DV2534tx, DV2535ea, DV2535la,
    DV2535tx, DV2536tx, DV2537tx, DV2538tx, DV2539tx, DV2540ev, DV2540tx,
    DV2545ef, DV2550ee, DV2550el, DV2550en, DV2550se, DV2551ee, DV2554ea,
    DV2555ea, DV2555ez, DV2560ea, DV2570el, DV2570es, DV2580eo, DV2580et,
    DV2585ep, DV2590es
    HP Pavilion DV2600 SeriesDV2601au, DV2601tu, DV2601tx, DV2601xx, DV2602au,
    DV2602ca, DV2602tu, DV2602tx, DV2602xx, DV2603au, DV2603tu, DV2603tx,
    DV2604au, DV2604tu, DV2604tx, DV2605/CT, DV2605tu, DV2605tx, DV2606tu,
    DV2606tx, DV2607tu, DV2607tx, DV2608ca, DV2608tu, DV2608tx, DV2609tu,
    DV2609TX, DV2610ca, DV2610ef, DV2610es, DV2610tu, DV2610tx, DV2610us,
    DV2611tu, DV2611tx, DV2612ca, DV2612tu, DV2612tx, DV2613cl, DV2613tu,
    DV2613tx, DV2614tu, DV2614TX, DV2615en, DV2615nr, DV2615tu, DV2615tx,
    DV2615us, DV2616tx, DV2617tx, DV2617us, DV2618ca, DV2618tx, DV2619nr,
    DV2619tx, DV2620ca, DV2620ea, DV2620et, DV2620tx, DV2620us, DV2621la,
    DV2621tx, DV2622ca, DV2622la, DV2622tx, DV2623tx, DV2624la, DV2624tx,
    DV2625eo, DV2625es,
    DV2625la, DV2625tx, DV2626la, DV2626tx, DV2627tx, DV2628tx, DV2629tx,
    DV2630ea, DV2630ef, DV2630en, DV2630eo, DV2630es, DV2630tx, DV2631tx,
    DV2632tx, DV2633tx, DV2634tx, DV2635la, DV2635tx, DV2636tx, DV2637tx,
    DV2638tx, DV2639tx, DV2640ep, DV2640es, DV2640ez, DV2640tx, DV2641tx,
    DV2642tx, DV2643tx, DV2644ef, DV2644tx, DV2645er, DV2650ef, DV2650es,
    DV2650et, DV2660br, DV2660se, DV2665br, DV2670br, DV2670ee, DV2670en,
    DV2675eo, DV2680eb, DV2680ee, DV2680ei, DV2680en, DV2690ee, DV2690el,
    DV2690en, DV2699ea, DV2699ee, DV2699ef, DV2699el, DV2699en, DV2699eo,
    DV2699ep, DV2699es
    HP Pavilion DV2700 SeriesDV2701tu, DV2701tx, DV2702tu, DV2702tx, DV2702xx,
    DV2703tu, DV2703tx, DV2704tu, DV2704tx, DV2705tu, DV2705tx, DV2705/CT,
    DV2706tu, DV2706tx, DV2707tu, DV2707tx, DV2708ca, DV2708tu, DV2708tx,
    DV2709tu, DV2709tx, DV2710ca, DV2710tu, DV2710tx, DV2710us, DV2711tu,
    DV2711tx, DV2712tu, DV2712tx, DV2713ca, DV2713tx, DV2714ca, DV2714tx,
    DV2715nr, DV2715tx, DV2716ca, DV2716tx, DV2717tx, DV2718ca, DV2718tx,
    DV2718us, DV2719nr,
    DV2719tx, DV2720ef, DV2720tx, DV2721tx, DV2722tx, DV2723tx, DV2724ca,
    DV2724tx, DV2725tx, DV2726ca, DV2726tx, DV2727ca, DV2727tx, DV2728ca,
    DV2728tx, DV2729tx, DV2730tx, DV2731tx, DV2732tx, DV2733tx, DV2734tx,
    DV2735tx, DV2736tx, DV2736us, DV2737tx, DV2738tx, DV2739tx, DV2740se,
    DV2740tx, DV2741tx, DV2742se, DV2742tx, DV2743tx, DV2744tx, DV2745se,
    DV2745tx, DV2746tx, DV2747tx, DV2748tx, DV2749tx, DV2750ef, DV2750es,
    DV2750tx, DV2751tx, DV2752tx, DV2753tx, DV2754tx, DV2756tx, DV2760es,
    DV2770es, DV2799ef, DV2799eo
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2800 SeriesDV2801tu, DV2801tx, DV2802tx, DV2803tx,
    DV2804tx, DV2805tx, DV2806tx, DV2807tx
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV2900 Series
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV6000 Series(not compatible with HP Pavilion DV6 Series)
    DV6000T, DV6000Z, DV6000z, DV6040US, DV6045NR, DV6001EA, DV6003EA, DV6004EA,
    DV6005EA, DV6006EA, DV6007EA, DV6010EA, DV6011EA, DV6012EA, DV6013EA,
    DV6014EA, DV6015EA, DV6016EA, DV6017EA, DV6018EA, DV6019EA, DV6020EA,
    DV6021EA, DV6023EA, DV6024EA, DV6025EA, DV6054EA, DV6057EA, DV6058EA,
    DV6059EA, DV6060EA, DV6061EA, DV6062EA, DV6063EA
    HP Pavilion DV6100 SeriesDV6100, DV6100 CTO, DV6102, DV6102OD, DV6103,
    DV6103NR, DV6105, DV6105CA, DV6105US, DV6107, DV6107US, DV6108, DV6108NR,
    DV6109, DV6109OM, DV6110, DV6110CA, DV6110US, DV6113, DV6113CA, DV6113US
    , DV6115, DV6115CA, DV6119, DV6119US, DV6120, DV6120CA, DV6120US, DV6125,
    DV6125OM, DV6125SE, DV6128, DV6128OD, DV6129, DV6129US, DV6130, DV6130CA,
    DV6130US, DV6131, DV6131OD, DV6135, DV6135CA, DV6135NR, DV6139, DV6139US,
    DV6140, DV6140CA, DV6140US, DV6149, DV6149US, DV6150, DV6150US, DV6150CA,
    DV6165, DV6165CL, DV6171, DV6171CL, DV6174, DV6174CL, DV6174CA, DV6187EA,
    DV6190EU, DV6185EA, DV6187EU, DV6188EA, DV6188EU, DV6189EA, DV6189EU,
    DV6196EA, DV6198XX
    HP Pavilion DV6200 SeriesDV6205, DV6205US, DV6205CA, DV6206, DV6206US,
    DV6208, DV6208NR, DV6209, DV6209US, DV6213, DV6213CL, DV6215, DV6215US,
    DV6215CA, DV6216, DV6216OM, DV6225, DV6225US, DV6226, DV6226US, DV6227,
    DV6227CL, DV6235, DV6235US, DV6235NR, DV6235CA DV6236, DV6236US, DV6243,
    DV6243CL, DV6244, DV6244US, DV6245, DV6245US, DV6245CA, DV6246, DV6246US,
    DV6247, DV6247CA, DV6247CL, DV6253, DV6253CL, DV6255, DV6255US, DV6255CA,
    DV6256, DV6256US, DV6263, DV6263CL, DV6275, DV6275US, DV6200, DV6200EA,
    DV6201EA, DV6202EA, DV6202TU, DV6203EA, DV6203TU, DV6204EA, DV6206EA,
    DV6207EA, DV6209EU, DV6211EA, DV6212EA, DV6213EA, DV6214EA, DV6216EA,
    DV6218EA, DV6218TX, DV6219EA, DV6220EA, DV6220EU, DV6220TX, DV6221EA,
    DV6221TX, DV6222EA, DV6222TX, DV6224TX, DV6225TX, DV6228TX, DV6230EA,
    DV6231EA, DV6231EU, DV6232EA, DV6233EA
    HP Pavilion DV6300 SeriesDV6305, DV6305US, DV6305CA, DV6306, DV6306RS,
    DV6307, DV6307CA, DV6308, DV6308CA, DV6308NR, DV6315, DV6315CA, DV6324,
    DV6324US, DV6325, DV6325US, DV6325CA, DV6326, DV6326US, DV6327, DV6327CA,
    DV6327CL, DV6335, DV6335US, DV6335CA, DV6337, DV6337CL, DV6337US, DV6345,
    DV6345US, DV6353, DV6353US, DV6353CA, DV6353CL, DV6355, DV6355US, DV6355CA,
    DV6363, DV6363CA, DV6365, DV6365US, DV6375, DV6375US, DV6300, DV6303TU,
    DV6304TU, DV6306TX, DV6307TX, DV6308TX, DV6309TX, DV6314EA, DV6315TX,
    DV6316TX, DV6322EA, DV6333EA, DV6334EA, DV6361EA, DV6364EA, DV6365EA,
    DV6366EA, DV6383EA, DV6384EA, DV6395EA, DV6396EA, DV6301EA, DV6301EU,
    DV6306EU, DV6307EU, DV6311EU, DV6315EA, DV6316EU, DV6317EU, DV6321EA,
    DV6323EA, DV6324EA, DV6325EA, DV6329EA
    HP Pavilion DV6400 SeriesDV6400, DV6400 CTO, DV6401, DV6401CA, DV6401EO,
    DV6401TU, DV6401TX, DV6402, DV6402CA, DV6402TU, DV6402TX, DV6403, DV6403CL,
    DV6403TU, DV6403TX, DV6404, DV6404CA, DV6404TU, DV6404TX, DV6405, DV6405US,
    DV6405CA, DV6405EO, DV6406, DV6406CA, DV6406TX, DV6406NR, DV6407TX, DV6408,
    DV6408CA, DV6408NR, DV6408EZ, DV6408TX, DV6409, DV6409US, DV6409CA, DV6409WM,
    DV6409TX, DV6410, DV6410CA, DV6410EO, DV6411EJ, DV6412EJ, DV6413EJ, DV6415,
    DV6415US, DV6415CA, DV6415EB, DV6415EO, DV6415EZ, DV6416, DV6416CA, DV6420EF,
    DV6420EM, DV6420EO, DV6420EP, DV6420EW, DV6423, DV6423OM, DV6424, DV6424CA,
    DV6425, DV6425US, DV6425CA, DV6425EF, DV6425EG, DV6405EF, DV6426, DV6426US,
    DV6426EI, DV6428, DV6428CA, DV6429ES, DV6433, DV6433CL, DV6435, DV6435CA,
    DV6436, DV6436NR, DV6445, DV6445US, DV6446, DV6446US, DV6447,
    DV6447OM, DV6448, DV6448SE, DV6449, DV6449US, DV6450, DV6450US, DV6451,
    DV6451US, DV6458, DV6458SE, DV6460ECDV6470, DV6470US
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV6500 SeriesDV6500, DV6500T, DV6501TX, DV6502TX,
    DV6503TX, DV6504TX, DV6505TX, DV6506TU, DV6506TX, DV6507TU, DV6507TX,
    DV6508TX, DV6509TU, DV6509TX, DV6510TX, DV6530TX, DV6531TX, DV6532TX,
    DV6535TX, DV6536TX, DV6537TX, DV6538TX, DV6539TX, DV6540TX, DV6541TX,
    DV6542TX, DV6543TX, DV6544TX, DV6545TX, DV6546TX, DV6547TX, DV6548TX,
    DV6549TX, DV6558EA, DV6560, DV6560US, DV6563, DV6563CL, DV6565, DV6565US,
    DV6565CA, DV6567, DV6567CL, DV6570, DV6570US, DV6573, DV6573CL, DV6575,
    DV6575US, GA404UA
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV6600 SeriesDV6600, DV6601AX, DV6601EI, DV6601TU,
    DV6602AX, DV6602EI, DV6602TU, DV6602TX, DV6603AU, DV6603AX, DV6603TU,
    DV6603TX, DV6604AU, DV6604TU, DV6604TX, DV6607NR, DV6609TX, DV6610EF,
    DV6610EP, DV6610EW, DV6610TX, DV6611TX, DV6612TX, DV6613TX, DV6614TX,
    DV6615TX, DV6616ES, DV6616TX, DV6617TX, DV6618TX, DV6619TX, DV6620EA,
    DV6620EB, DV6620EI
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV6700 SeriesDV6700, DV6701TX, DV6702TX, DV6703TX,
    DV6704TX, DV6705TX, DV6706TX, DV6707TX, DV6708TX, DV6709TX, DV6710TX,
    dv6700 CTO, DV6700ef, DV6701au, DV6701ax, DV6701ca, DV6701tu, DV6701us,
    DV6702au, DV6702ax, DV6702tu, DV6702xx, DV6703au, DV6703ax, DV6703tu,
    DV6704au, DV6704ax, DV6704ca, DV6704nr, DV6704tu, DV6705au, DV6705ax,
    DV6705ca, DV6705el
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV6800 Series
    HP Compaq Pavilion DV6900 Series
    Compaq Presario V3000 SeriesV3000 CTO, V3000t CTO, V3000z CTO, V3010,
    V3010CA, V3010US, V3015, V3015NR, V3015CA, V3016, V3016US, V3018, V3018CL,
    V3018US, V3019, V3019US, V3020, V3020US, V3020CA, V3030, V3030CA, V3030US,
    V3003XX, V3005TU, V3006AU, V3007AU, V3007TU, V3008AU, V3008TU, V3009AU,
    V3011TU, V3012AU, V3013AU, V3014AU, V3014TU, V3015AU, V3016AU, V3016TU,
    V3017AU, V3017LA, V3017TU, V3018AU, V3018TU, V3019AU, V3019TU, V3020TU,
    V3021TU, V3022AU, V3022TU, V3024TU, V3025TU, V3026AU, V3026TU, V3027AU,
    V3027TU, V3028AU, V3028TU, V3029AU, V3029TU, V3030TU
    Compaq Presario V3100 SeriesV3143AU, V3144AU, V3146AU, V3147AU, V3165TU,
    V3173TU, V3175TU, V3176TU, V3177TU, V3178TU, V3179TU, V3180TU, V3181TU,
    V3185TU, V3186TU, V3187TU, V3188TU, V3189TU, V3190TU, V3191TU, V3192TU,
    V3100, V3101AU, V3101TU, V3102AU, V3102TU, V3103AU, V3103TU,
    V3104AU, V3104TU, V3105AU, V3105TU, V3106AU, V3106TU, V3107AU, V3107TU,
    V3108AU, V3108TU, V3109AU, V3109TU, V3110AU, V3110TU, V3111AU, V3111TU,
    V3112TU, V3113AU, V3113TU, V3114AU, V3114TU, V3115AU, V3115TU, V3116AU,
    V3116TU, V3117AU, V3117TU, V3118TU, V3119TU
    Compaq Presario V3200 SeriesV3200, V3205AU, V3206AU, V3207AU, V3208AU,
    V3209TU, V3210TU, V3211AU, V3212AU, V3213AU, V3214AU, V3214TU, V3215AU,
    V3215TU, V3216AU, V3216TU, V3217AU, V3217TU, V3218AU, V3218LA, V3219AU,
    V3220AU, V3221AU, V3222AU, V3224AU, V3226AU, V3226TU, V3227AU, V3227TU,
    V3228TU, V3229AU, V3229TU, V3230TU, V3231TU, V3232AU, V3232TU, V3233AU,
    Compaq Presario V3300 SeriesV3300, V3301TU, V3302TU, V3303TU, V3304TU,
    V3305TU, V3306TU, V3307TU, V3308AU, V3308TU, V3309AU, V3309TU, V3310AU,
    V3310TU, V3311AU, V3311TU, V3312AU, V3312TU, V3314TU, V3315TU, V3316TU,
    V3317TU, V3318TU, V3319TU, V3320TU, V3321TU, V3324TU, V3325TU, V3326TU,
    V3327TU, V3328TU, V3329TU, V3350TU, V3351TU, V3352TU, V3301AU, V3302AU,
    V3303AU, V3304AU, V3305AU, V3306AU, V3307AU, V3313TU, V3315LA, V3317LA,
    V3322TU, V3323TU, V3330TU, V3331TU, V3332TU, V3333TU, V3334TU, V3335TU,
    V3336TU, V3337TU, V3338TU, V3339TU, V3340TU, V3341TU, V3342TU, V3343TU,
    V3344TU, V3345TU, V3346TU, V3347TU, V3348TU, V3349TU
    Compaq Presario V3400 SeriesV3422TX, V3423TX, V3428TU, V3430TU, V3431TU,
    V3432TU, V3433TU, V3434AU, V3434TU, V3435AU, V3435TU, V3436AU, V3436TU,
    V3437AU, V3437TU, V3438AU, V3438TU, V3439AU, V3439TU, V3440AU, V3440TU,
    V3441AU, V3441TU, V3442AU, V3442TU, V3443AU, V3443TU, V3444AU,
    V3400, V3404TX, V3405TX, V3409TU, V3410TU, V3411TU, V3414TU, V3415TU,
    V3415TX, V3416TU
    Compaq Presario V3500 SeriesV3514TU, V3515TU, V3516TU, V3517TU, V3518TU,
    V3519TU, V3520TU, V3521TU, V3522TU, V3523TU, V3524TU, V3525TU, V3526TU,
    V3527TU, V3528TU, V3529TU, V3530TU, V3501TU, V3502TU, V3503TU, V3504TU,
    V3505TU, V3506TU, V3507TU, V3508TU, V3509TU, V3510TU, V3511TU, V3512TU,
    V3532TU, V3533TU, V3534TU, V3535TU, V3513TU, V3531TU
    Compaq Presario V3600 SeriesV3600 CTO, V3601AU, V3601TU, V3601TX, V3602AU,
    V3602TU, V3602TX, V3603AU, V3603TU, V3603TX, V3604AU, V3604TU, V3604TX,
    V3605AU, V3605TU, V3605TX, V3606AU, V3606TU, V3606TX, V3607AU, V3607TU,
    V3607TX, V3608AU, V3608TU, V3608TX, V3609AU, V3609TU, V3609TX, V3610AU,
    V3610TU, V3610TX, V3611AU, V3611TU, V3611TX, V3612AU, V3612TU, V3612TX, V3613AU
    Compaq Presario V3700 SeriesV3701AU, V3701TU, V3701TX, V3702AU, V3702TU,
    V3702TX, V3703AU, V3703TU, V3703TX, V3704AU, V3704TU, V3704TX, V3704VU,
    V3705AU, V3705TU, V3705TX, V3706AU, V3706TU, V3706TX, V3707AU, V3707TU,
    V3707TX, V3708AU, V3708TU, V3708TX, V3709AU, V3709TU, V3709TX,
    V3710AU, V3710TU, V3710TX, V3711AU, V3711TU, V3712AU, V3712TU, V3713AU,
    V3713TU, V3714AU
    Compaq Presario V3800 SeriesV3801AU, V3801TX, V3802AU, V3802TU, V3802TX,
    V3803AU, V3803TU, V3803TX, V3804AU, V3804TU, V3804TX, V3805AU, V3805TU,
    V3806TU, V3807TU, V3808TU, V3809TU, V3810TU, V3811TU, V3812TU, V3813TU, V3814TU
    Compaq Presario V3900 Series
    Compaq Presario V6000 SeriesV6000T, V6000Z, V6030US, V6105NR, V6120US,
    V6130US, V6012EA, V6014EA, V6016EA, V6024EA, V6025EA, V6057EA, V6065EA,
    V6066EA, V6000, V6004AU, V6000 CTO, V6000AU, V6000T CTO, V6000TX CTO,
    V6000Z CTO, V6001AU, V6001XX, V6002AU, V6002XX, V6003AU, V6048CL
    Compaq Presario V6100 SeriesV6103EA, V6108AU, V6108EA, V6109EA, V6110EA,
    V6111AU, V6112EU, V6113EA, V6114EA, V6115EU, V6117EU, V6131EU, V6139EU,
    V6140TU, V6141TU, V6149EA, V6155EA, V6181EA, V6182EA, V6100, V6101AU,
    V6101EU, V6101TU, V6102AU, V6102EA, V6102TU, V6103AU, V6103TU, V6104AU,
    V6104TU, V6105AU, V6105EA, V6105TU, V6106AU, V6106TU, V6108TU, V6109AU,
    Compaq Presario V6200 SeriesV6200, V6202EA, V6207AU, V6209AU, V6210AU,
    V6211TU, V6213TU, V6214TU, V6215TU, V6216TU, V6217TU, V6218TU, V6219TU,
    V6220TU, V6221TU, V6222EA, V6239EU, V6241EA, V6261EU, V6268EA, V6272EU,
    V6201AU, V6201TU, V6202AU, V6202TU, V6203AU, V6203TU, V6204AU, V6204EA,
    V6204TU, V6205AU, V6205TU, V6206AU, V6206TU, V6207TU, V6208AU, V6208TU,
    Compaq Presario V6300 SeriesV6300, V6335EA, V6355EU, V6304AU, V6306TU,
    V6308TU, V6309TU, V6310TU, V6311TU, V6312TU, V6313TU, V6314TU, V6315EA,
    V6315TU, V6318TU, V6319TU, V6320TU, V6321TU, V6322TU, V6336EA, V6337EA,
    V6345EA, V6314EA, V6320EA, V6328EA, V6338EU, V6340EU, V6341EA, V6343EA,
    V6346EA, V6301AU, V6301TU, V6302AU, V6302EU, V6302TU, V6303AU, V6303TU,
    Compaq Presario V6400 SeriesV6400, V6410ET, V6430ES, V6429ES, V6430EF,
    V6435ES, V6450EE, V6450EN, V6401TU, V6402TU, V6403TU, V6404TU, V6405AU,
    V6405TU, V6406TU, V6407TU, V6408TU, V6411TU, V6412TU, V6415ES, V6421TU,
    V6423TU, V6425TU, V6426TU, V6427TU, V6428TU, V6430EE, V6430EN, V6400 CTO,
    V6401AU, V6402AU, V6402CA, V6403AU, V6404AU, V6405CA, V6406AU, V6409TU,
    V6410CA, V6410TU, V6415CA, V6415TU, V6416TU, V6417TU, V6418TU, V6419TU,
    V6420ET, V6420TU, V6420US, V6422TU, V6424TU, V6444US
    Compaq Presario V6500 SeriesV6500, V6554ES, V6580ED, V6595ES, V6530ED,
    V6560EA, V6570ES, V6590ES, V6594ES, V6505TU, V6506TU, V6254EA, V6501TU,
    V6502TU, V6503TU, V6504TU, V6507TU, V6508TU, V6509TU,
    V6510TU, V6511TU, V6512TU, V6513TU, V6514TU, V6515TU, V6516TU, V6599XX,
    V6500T CTO, V6500Z CTO, V6501AU, V6502AU, V6502EO, V6503AU, V6504AU,
    V6505AU, V6506AU, V6507AU, V6508AU, V6508EO, V6510ET, V6515ES, V6517TU,
    V6518ES, V6518TU, V6519TU, V6520ED, V6520TU, V6521TU, V6522TU, V6523TU,
    V6524TU, V6533EF, V6572ES, V6592ES
    Compaq Presario V6600 SeriesV6600 CTO, V6601AU, V6601TU, V6602AU, V6602TU,
    V6603AU, V6603TU, V6604AU, V6604TU, V6605AU, V6605TU, V6606AU, V6606TU,
    V6607AU, V6607ES, V6607TU, V6608AU, V6608TU, V6609AU, V6609TU, V6610AU,
    V6610EO, V6610ES, V6610ET, V6610TU, V6611AU, V6611TU, V6612AU,
    V6612TU, V6613AU, V6613TU, V6614AU, V6614TU, V6615AU, V6615EE, V6615EF,
    V6615EN, V6615ES, V6615TU, V6616AU, V6616TU, V6617AU, V6618AU, V6620ET,
    V6620US, V6630EA, V6630EM, V6630ET, V6640ED, V6640ES, V6642EA, V6642EM,
    V6650ED, V6650ES, V6660ED
    Compaq Presario V6700 SeriesV6700TX CTO, V6701AU, V6701TU, V6702AU,
    V6702TU, V6703AU, V6703TU, V6704AU, V6704TU, V6705AU, V6705TU, V6706TU,
    V6707TU, V6708TU, V6709TU, V6710ES, V6710ET, V6710TU, V6711TU, V6712TU,
    V6713TU, V6714TU, V6715EE, V6715EN, V6715TU, V6719NR, V6720ES, V6730ES,
    V6730ET, V6741US
    Compaq Presario V6800 Series
    Compaq Presario V6900 Series
    Compaq Presario F500 SeriesF500, F505LA, F506LA, F553US, F555US, F557US,
    F500EA, F501AU, F502AU, F502EU, F502LA, F502ea, F503AU, F504AU, F505AU,
    F545EA, F545EU, F504EA, F504EM, F504EU, F505EA, F506EA, F550EE, F550EF,
    F550EL, F550EN, F550EO, F550ES, F550ET, F551AU, F552AU, F552LA, F553AU,
    F553CL, F554AU, F555AU, F555LA, F557WM, F558US, F560EA, F560EL, F560EM,
    F560ET, F560US, F560XX, F562LA, F564LA, F565CA, F565LA, F566LA, F571AU,
    F572AU, F572US, F573AU, F574AU, F575AU, F576AU, F577AU, F577CL, F579WM
    Compaq Presario F700 SeriesF700EF, F700EM, F706LA, F710EE, F710EF, F710EL,
    F712NR, F715EF, F715EM, F715EO, F722CA, F725EL, F729EM , F730US, F731AU,
    F732AU, F732NR, F733AU, F734AU, F735AU, F736AU, F737AU, F739WM
    HP G6000 all series
    HP G7000 all series
    Compaq Presario A900 all series
    Compaq Presario C700 SeriesC700ET, C700LA, C700T, C700XX, C701LA, C701TU,
    C701XX, C702LA, C702TU, C703LA, C703TU, C704TU, C705LA, C705TU, C706TU,
    C707LA, C707TU, C708LA, C708TU, C709LA, C709TU, C710BR, C710ED, C710EE,
    C710EF, C710EL, C710EM, C710EN, C710TU, C711TU, C712TU, C713TU, C714NR,
    C714TU, C715TU, C716TU, C717NR, C717TU, C718TU, C719TU, C720BR, C720ES,
    C721TU, C722TU, C725BR, C727US, C730BR, C730EE, C730EL, C732EF, C732EM,
    C732ES, C732TU, C735ED, C737BR, C737TU, C740EE, C742EA, C742EM, C742ES,
    C745EL, C750EF, C750EL, C750EM, C755ES, C756ES, C700EM
    HP Pavilion DX6500 Series


    *This battery is new and its specifications comply in all respects to the standards of the original manufacturer. The battery is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

    *Our products are FCC, CE and RoHS certified. Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating

    *We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

    Battery Tips:

    - Please fully charge before first using / At least charge 1 time every 3 months / Remove the battery from the device when not in use to prevent slow discharge.

    - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. It helps maintain a good connection between the battery and the device.

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