For Toshiba 15V 5A AC Charger PA3201-1ACA,PA3283U-1ACA,PA3083U-1ACA,PA3469U

  • Specification:
    Input : 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Output : 15V 5A
    Power: 75W
    Connecter size: 6.3mm*3.0mm
    power cord included

    Replace Part Number:
    PA2409U, PA2411, PA2411U, PA2426U, PA2438, PA2438U, PA2440, PA2440U, PA2444, PA2444U, PA2444UE, PA2450, PA2450U, PA2450UE, PA2484, PA2484U, PA2500, PA2500U, PA3048, PA3048E, PA3048U, PA3048U-1ACA, PA3049, PA3049U, PA3049U-1ACA, PA3080, PA3080E, PA3080E-1ACA, PA3080U, PA3080U-1ACA, PA3084, PA3084U, PA3084U-1ACA, PA3092U, PA3092U-1ACA, PA3153, PA3153E, PA3153E-1ACA, PA3153E-1ACAB, PA3153U, PA3153U-1ACA, PA3201, PA3201U, PA3201U-1ACA, PA3241, PA3241E, PA3241E-1ACA, PA3241E-1ACAB, PA3241E-2ACA, PA3241U, PA3241U-1ACA, PA3241U-2ACA, PA3260E, PA3260E-1ACA, PA3260U, PA3260U-1ACA, PA3282, PA3282E, PA3282E-1ACA, PA3282E-2ACA, PA3282U, PA3282U-1ACA, PA3282U-2ACA, PA5251U, PA5251UA, PA3378U-1ACA, PA3378U, PA3378E-1ACA, PA3378E, PA3283U, PA3283U-1ACA, PA3283U-2ACA, PA3283U-3ACA, PA3283U-4ACA, PA3283U-5ACA, PA3083U, PA3083U-1ACA, PA3292U-1ACA, PA2301U-1ACA, PA3201U, PA3201-1ACA, PA3215U, PA3215U-1ACA, G 71C 0002S310, G 71C 0002S110, ADP-60RHA

    Fit Models:
    Toshiba Satellite 2400 Series
    2400, 2450-101, 2450-4PO, 2450-S203, 2455-S300, 2400-S201, 2450-114, 2450-5DY, 2450-S40, 2455-S3001, 2400-S202, 2450-201, 2450-A740, 2450-S402, 2455-
    S305, 2400-S251, 2450-202, 2450-A750, 2450-SP295, 2455-S306, 2400-S252, 2450-3DY, 2450-P40, 2450-TMG, 2450, 2450-401, 2450-S103, 2455
    Toshiba Satellite A100 Series
    A100-250, A100-016004, A100-507, A100-155, A100-525, A100-166, A100-570, A100-188, A100-ST8211, A100-220, A100-252, A100-03501N, A100-508, A100-158, A100-528, A100-168, A100-JH2, A100-192, A100-232, A100-253, A100-046004, A100-510, A100-159, A100-529, A100-169, A100-LE1, A100-193, A100-233, A100-269, A100-05R010, A100-521, A100-161, A100-533, A100-170, A100-LE4, A100-209, A100-234, A100-270, A100-151, A100-522, A100-163, A100-534, A100-175, A100-LE6, A100-212, A100-237, A100, A100-500, A100-153, A100-523, A100-165, A100-551, A100-181, A100-SP621, A100-218
    Toshiba Satellite A105 Series
    A105-S4051, A105-S4094, A105-S4134, A105-S4254, A105-S4014, A105-S4054, A105-S4102, A105-S4201, A105-S4284, A105-S4001, A105-S4021, A105-S4064, A105-S4104, A105-S4204, A105-S4342, A105-S4002, A105-S4022, A105-S4074, A105-S4114, A105-S4211, A105-S4344, A105-S4004, A105-S4024, A105-S4084, A105-S4124, A105-S4214, A105-S4364, A105-S4011, A105-S4034, A105-S4092, A105-S4132, A105-S4244, A105-S4384, A105-S4012
    Toshiba Satellite A200 Series
    A200-1Ai, A200-1JV, A200SE-16Z, A200, A200-1MT, A200-1BW, A200-1JW, A200SE-1F7, A200-18M, A200-1PP, A200-1DA, A200, A200-1K4, A200SE-1H4, A200-195, A200-1MV, A200-1DQ, A200-16B, A200-1KQ, A200-1A9, A200HD-1U3, A200-16N, A200-1OJ, A200-1MN, A200-1AA, A200HD-1U4, A200-18P, A200GE-1F9, A200-1PO
    Toshiba Tecra A6 Series
    A6-EZ6311, A6-EZ6312, A6-S513, A6-S713, A6, A6-ST3112, A6-104, A6-ST3512
    Toshiba Tecra A7 Series
    A7, A7-S612, A7-S712, A7-ST5112
    Toshiba Satellite M100 Series
    M100-178, M100-ST5111, M100-179, M100-ST5211, M100-180, M100-195, M100, M100-221, M100-152, M100-222
    Toshiba Satellite M105 series
    M105-S3011, M105-S3064, M105-S3012, M105-S3084, M105, M105-S3021, M105-S3001, M105-S3022, M105-S3002, M105-S3031, M105-S3004, M105-S3041
    Toshiba Satellite P100 Series
    P100-115, P100-247, P100-359, P100-108, P100-118, P100-257, P100-386, P100-109, P100-119, P100-258, P100-387, P100, P100-112, P100-194, P100-259, P100, P100-ST7111, P100-102, P100-113, P100-222, P100-264, P100-ST7111TD, P100-103, P100-114, P100-224, P100-324, P100-ST7211, P100-105
    Toshiba Satellite P105 Series
    P105-S6074, P105, P105-S6024, P105-S6084, P105-S6002, P105-S6034, P105-S6004, P105-S6054, P105-S6012, P105-S6062, P105-S6014, P105-S6064, P105-S6022
    Toshiba Satellite M40 Series: (these models only)
    M40, M40 (DDR2), M40-JM3, M40-JM8, M40-P535, M40-P545, M40-P5351, M40-S417TD, M40-S4111TD, M40-S4172TD,
    M40-S5181TD, M40-SF3, M40-YP3, M40/037009, M40/038009, M40/03K009
    Toshiba Satellite M45 Series: (these models only)
    M45, M45-S265, M45-S269, M45-S331, M45-S351, M45-S355, M45-S359, M45-S2651, M45-S2652, M45-S2691, M45-S2692, M45-S3311, M45-S3511, M45-S3551, M45-S3552, M45-S3553, M45-S3591, M45-SP351, M45-SP355, M45-S165X, M45-S139X, M45-S139
    Toshiba Satellite M50 Series:
    M50, M50-101, M50-105, M50-106, M50-109, M50-115, M50-122, M50-126, M50-130, M50-137, M50-138, M50-141, M50-142, M50-143, M50-156, M50-157, M50-159, M50-161, M50-180, M50-181, M50-182, M50-MX2, M50-MX5, M50-P330, M50-P340, M50-P345, M50-P3451, M50-S418TD, M50-S4182TD, M50-S5181TD, M50-YK5
    Toshiba Satellite M55 Series: (these models only)
    M55-S135, M55-S325, M55-S329, M55-S1351, M55-S1352, M55-S2252, M55-S2253, M55-S3251, M55-S3262, M55-S3291,
    M55-SP325, M55-SP3252, M55-S139X, M55-S141, M55-S1001
    Toshiba Portege M400 Series: M400, M405, M400-100, M400-120, M400-40, M400-60, M400-80, M400-S933, M405-100

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