Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion HP DV4 DV5 DV5T DV5Z CQ40 CQ45

  • Sea Eagle Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion HP DV4 DV5 DV5T DV5Z CQ40 CQ45 CQ50 CQ60 CQ70 CQ55 Series 10.8v 5200mAh 6cells
    Product description

    Chemistry: Li-ion
    Brand: For HP
    Model No.: DV4
    Condition: Brand new
    Capacity: 5200mAh
    Voltage (V):10.8V
    Components: 6 Cells
    Package dimensions:9.45 x 3.74x 1.57Inches
    Package weight: 0.68lbs
    Color: Black

    Compatible Models:
    "CTRL"+"F" to find your laptop model/part number printed on your laptop bottom or original battery.
    HP Pavilion dv4-1000 Series
    HP Pavilion dv4-1001ax, Pavilion dv4-1001xx, Pavilion dv4-1002ax, Pavilion dv4-1002xx
    HP Pavilion dv4-1100 Series
    HP Pavilion dv4-1101xx, Pavilion dv4-1102xx, Pavilion dv4-1107tx, Pavilion dv4-1108tx, Pavilion dv4-1109tx
    HP Pavilion dv4-1200 Series
    HP Pavilion dv4-1201au, Pavilion dv4-1201tx, Pavilion dv4-1202au, Pavilion dv4-1202tx, Pavilion dv4-1203au
    HP Pavilion dv4-1300 Series
    HP Pavilion dv4-1302tx, Pavilion dv4-1303tx, Pavilion dv4-1304tu, Pavilion dv4-1304tx, Pavilion dv4-1305tu, Pavilion dv4-1306tu HP Pavilion dv4-1400 Series
    HP Pavilion dv4-1404tx, Pavilion dv4-1412tu, Pavilion dv4-1413la, Pavilion dv4-1415tu, Pavilion dv4-1424la
    HP Pavilion dv4-1500 Series
    HP Pavilion dv4-1502tu, Pavilion dv4-1506tx, Pavilion dv4-1509tx, Pavilion dv4-1511tx, Pavilion dv4-1514dx, Pavilion dv4-1520br

    Package Included:
    1 x Laptop Battery
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