14.4v 4000mah Battery Replacement for Hitachi Eb1412s Eb1414s Eb14b Ni-mh

  • Compatible Part Numbers:
    Product type: generic/equivalent
    Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
    315128, 315129, 315130, 319104, 319933, 324367, BCC 1412, EB 1412S, EB 1414, EB 1414L, EB 1414S, EB 1420RS, EB 1424, EB 1426H, EB 1430H, EB 1430R, EB 1430X, EB 14B, EB 14H, EB 14S,
    This is a brand new replacement battery not original brand.

    Compatible Fit Model:
    Hitachi C-2,
    Hitachi CJ 14DL,
    Hitachi DH 14DL,
    Hitachi G 14DL

    Hitachi DS Series
    DS 14DAF2, DS 14DFL, DS 14DFLG,
    DS 14DFLPC, DS 14DL, DS 14DMR,
    DS 14DV, DS 14DVA, DS 14DVB,
    DS 14DVB2, DS 14DVB2K, DS 14DVC,
    DS 14DVF, DS 14DVF2, DS 14DVF3,

    Hitachi DV Series
    DV 14DL, DV 14DMR, DV 14DV,
    DV 14DVA, DV 14DVKS, D V14DCL,
    DV 14DVL

    Hitachi WH Series
    WH 14DA, WH 14DAF2, WH 14DC, WH 14DH,
    WH 14DL, WH 14DM, WH 14DMB, WH 14DMK,
    WH 14DMR, WH 14DSL

    Hitachi WR Series
    WR 14DH, WR 14DL, WR 14DM,
    WR 14DMB, WR 14DMK, WR 14DMR
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