150W Laptop AC Adapter Replacement for HP 681058-001 693707-001

  • Specification:
    Product type: generic/equivalent
    Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
    Input : 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Output : 19.5V 7.7A
    Power: 150W
    Connecter size: 7.4mm*5.0mm
    power cord included
    This is a brand new replacement charger not original brand.

    Compatible With:
    Replace Part Number:
    677763-002 HSTNN-CA27 HSTNN-LA09 609943-001
    681058-001 697317-001 646212-001 609919-001
    A150A05AL, 737737-001, 645509-002 585010-001
    645509-002 693707-001 ED519AA

    Fit Models:
    HP Elitebook 8530w, 8540w, 8560w, 8570w, 8730w, 8740w, 8760w.
    HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation
    HP TouchSmart IQ800 IQ804 IQ806 IQ810 IQ816t IQ820 Desktop PC
    HP Touchsmart IQ840 IQ846 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart IQ700 IQ770 IQ771 IQ775 IQ780 IQ790 Desktop PC
    TouchSmart 600-1039tw 600-1060in 600-1070d, TouchSmart 600-1036d 600-1000t 600-1105xt, TouchSmart 600-1031d 600-1150qd 600-1020la,
    TouchSmart 600-1070jp 600-1060jp 600-1090jp, TouchSmart 600-1068cn 600-1088cn 600-1015kr, TouchSmart 600-1050a 600-1070a 600-1037d,
    TouchSmart 600-1038d 600-1050be 600-1050pt, TouchSmart600-1050fr 600-1050uk 600-1050it, TouchSmart 600-1050gr 600-1050de 600-1050sc,
    Touchsmart600-1420 600-1220 dx9000 9100,
    Touchsmart 310 320-1030 320-1050, Touchsmart 520-1020 520-1030 520-1032, Touch Smart 520-1038 520-1050,
    TouchSmart 610-1030F 610-1030Y 610-1031F, TouchSmart 610-1032F 610-1050 610-1050F, TouchSmart 610-1050Y 610-1130F 610-1130Y,
    TouchSmart 600-1220 310-1200z 310-1145uk, TouchSmart 310-1120jp 310-1110uk 310-1110tr, TouchSmart310-1105fr 310-1130jp 310-1110sc,
    TouchSmart 310-1115ru 310-1125ru 310-1100nl, TouchSmart310-1120ru 310-1125ad 310-1110ru, TouchSmart 310-1100 310-1110pl,
    TouchSmart 310-1201 310-1220 310-1200, TouchSmart 310-1048d 310-1220 310-1200, TouchSmart 310-1118 310-1270 310-1205,
    TouchSmart 310-1090 310-1124 310-1236, TouchSmart 310-1126 310-1155 310-1220, TouchSmart 310-1048 310-1058 310-1158,
    TouchSmart 310-1010 310-1038 310-1150, TouchSmart 310-1125 310-1018 310-1238, TouchSmart 310-1017 310-1070 310-1270,
    TouchSmart 310-1221 310-1070 310-1110 310-1011, TouchSmart 310-1125 310-1112, TouchSmart 310-1033 310-1240 310-1105, TouchSmart 310-1145 310-1115 310-1211,
    TouchSmart IQ548 IQ520 IQ521 IQ522, TouchSmart IQ523 IQ524 IQ525 IQ526,
    TouchSmart IQ527 IQ528 IQ529 IQ530, TouchSmart IQ531 IQ532 IQ533 IQ534, TouchSmart IQ535 IQ536 IQ537 IQ538,
    TouchSmart IQ539 IQ540 IQ5410 IQ542, TouchSmart IQ543 IQ544 IQ545 IQ546,
    TouchSmart IQ547 IQ500 IQ502 IQ504, TouchSmart IQ503 IQ506 IQ505 IQ507
    PAVILION dv7-7203tx dv7-7204tx
    PAVILION dv7-7205tx dv7-7206tx
    PAVILION dv7-7204ea dv7-7204ed
    TouchSmart 310-1120la
    TouchSmart 600-1430es
    TouchSmart 520-1105er
    HP Pavilion 23-1018cn AiO
    HP TouchSmart 610-1030y Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 610-1031f Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 320-1020m CTO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 610-1032f Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 600-1055 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 320-1034 Desktop PC
    HP Pavilion 23-1010t All-in-One CTO Desktop PC
    HP Pavilion 23-1014 All-in-One Desktop PC
    HP Pavilion 23-1015 All-in-One Desktop PC
    HP Pavilion 23-1027c All-in-One Desktop PC
    HP All-in-One 200-5110 Desktop PC
    HP All-in-One 200-5110fr Desktop PC
    HP All-in-One 200-5120jp Desktop PC
    HP All-in-One 200-5120jp Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 600-1152 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 600-1155 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 600-1160jp Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart IQ526t CTO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart IQ527 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart IQ546t CTO Desktop PC
    HP ENVY 20-d011 TouchSmart AIO Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart 520-1020 Desktop PC
    HP TouchSmart Elite 4300 9300 7320 Business PC
    Warning: A few of above models need 180W 9.47A or 230W 11.8A Adapter. Please check with your original one.

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