18V 3Ah Ni-MH Battery Replacement for Ryobi CDD182L CAP-1801M,CDI-1803 CJS-180L CRO180M P221

  • Specification:
    Product type: generic/equivalent
    Condition: brand new, 1 year warranty!
    Type: NI-MH
    Capacity: 3000mAh
    Warranty:12 month
    This is a brand new replacement battery not original brand.

    Compatible With:
    Compatible Part Numbers:
    ABP1801, ABP1803, BPP-1813, BPP-1815, BPP-1817, BPP-1817/2, BPP-1817M, BPP-1820, BPP1817M, P100,
    Compatible Fit Model:
    Ryobi BIW180,
    Ryobi CAD-180L,
    Ryobi CAG-180M,
    Ryobi CCD-1801,
    Ryobi CCW-180L,
    Ryobi CDC-181M,
    Ryobi CDD182L,
    Ryobi CDL1802P4,
    Ryobi CFA-180M,
    Ryobi CHD1801M,
    Ryobi CP-180M,
    Ryobi CPD-1800,
    Ryobi CRA-180M,
    Ryobi CRH1801,
    Ryobi CRS-180L,
    Ryobi CSL-180L,
    Ryobi CST-180M,
    Ryobi CW-1800,
    Ryobi JSP-180QEOM
    Ryobi BID Series
    BID-1801M, BID-180L, BID1821,
    Ryobi CAP Series
    CAP-1801M, CAP1801M
    Ryobi CCC Series
    CCC-1801M, CCC1801M
    Ryobi CCG Series
    CCG-1801M, CCG1801M, CCG1802M
    Ryobi CCS Series
    CCS-1801/DM, CCS-1801/LM, CCS-1801D,
    Ryobi CDA Series
    CDA1802, CDA18021B, CDA1802M
    Ryobi CDI Series
    CDI-1801, CDI-1802, CDI-1802M,
    CDI-1803, CDI-1803M, CDI1803M
    Ryobi CFP Series
    CFP-180FM, CFP-180S, CFP-180SM
    Ryobi CHI Series
    CHI-1802M, CHI1802M
    Ryobi CHP Series
    CHP-1802M, CHP1802M
    Ryobi CHV Series
    CHV-180L, CHV-18WDM
    Ryobi CID Series
    CID-1802M, CID-1803L, CID-1803M,
    CID-182L, CID182L
    Ryobi CJS Series
    CJS-180L, CJS-180LM, CJS180LM
    Ryobi CJSP Series
    Ryobi CMD Series
    CMD-1802, CMD-1802M
    Ryobi CMI Series
    CMI-1802, CMI-1802M
    Ryobi CNS Series
    CNS-1801M, CNS-180L
    Ryobi CPL Series
    CPL-180M, CPL180M
    Ryobi CRO Series
    CRO-180M, CRO180M
    Ryobi CRP Series
    CRP-1801, CRP-1801/DM, CRP-1801D,
    Ryobi CSS Series
    CSS-1801M, CSS-180L, CSS1801M
    Ryobi LCD Series
    LCD1802, LCD18021B, LCD18022B,
    Ryobi LDD Series
    LDD1801PB, LDD1802PB
    Ryobi P Series
    208B, P200, P202, P204, P210, P2100, P2105,
    P211, P220, P221, P230, P234, P234G, P236, P240,
    P2400, P241, P246, P250, P2500, P2600, P271,
    P300, P301, P310, P3200, P3300, P340, P400,
    P410, P420, P430, P500, P501, P510, P514, P520,
    P521, P530, P540, P570, P600, P610, P700, P701G,
    P710, P716, P730, P731, P740, P741, P780, P835
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