AA59-00786A AA5900786A Remote Replacement For Samsung TV UE32F6400AWXXN

  • Replacement New AA59-00786A / AA5900786A Remote Control fit for Samsung LCD TV.
    Model: AA59-00786A / AA5900786A
    Connection Type: Infrared
    No any program needed, only put into brand new battery will work well.
    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing TV Models: (Not only these models)
    PS51F5500AWXXH, PS51F8500SLXXN, PS60F5500AWXZH, PS60F5505AKXXE, UE 40 F 6400
    UE32F6400AWXXC, UE32F6400AWXXH, UE32F6400AWXXN, UE32F6400AWXZF, UE32F6800SBXXU
    UE32F6800SSXXN, UE32F6805SBXXE, UE40F6470SSXZG, UE40F6500SBXXU, UE40F6500SS
    UE40F6500SSXXC, UE40F6640SSXXN, UE40F6640SSXZF, UE40F6645SBXXE, UE40F6650SSXZF
    UE40F6655SBXXE, UE40F6740SBXXU, UE40F6740SSXXH, UE40F7000STXXH, UE40F7000STXXU
    UE46F6400AK (UE46F6400AKXXH), UE46F6400AWXXH, UE46F6400AWXXN, UE46F6475SBXXE, UE46F6500SS
    UE46F6500SSXZF, UE46F6505SBXXE, UE46F6650SSXZF, UE46F6670SSXXH, UE46F6740SBXXU
    UE46F6800SSXXN, UE46F7000SL, UE46F7000SLXXC, UE46F7000STXXH, UE46F8000SLXXC
    UE46F8000SLXXH, UE46F8000SLXZF, UE46F8000STXXU, UE46F8500SL (UE46F8500SLXXN), UE50F6400AKXXH
    UE50F6400AW, UE50F6400AW (UE50F6400AWXXN), UE50F6500SBXXH, UE50F6500SBXXU, UE55F6400AKXXH
    UE55F6400AWXXC, UE55F6400AWXXH, UE55F6400AWXZF, UE55F6475
    UE55F6475, UE55F6475SBXXE
    UE55F6500SSXXH, UE55F6505SBXXE, UE55F6640SSXXC, UE55F6640SSXXH, UE55F6640SSXZF
    UE55F6640SSXZG, UE55F6650SSXZF, UE55F6670SBXXU, UE55F6670SSXXC, UE55F6670SSXXH
    UE55F6670SSXZF, UE55F6740SSXXH, UE55F6740SSXXN, UE55F6755SBXXE, UE55F6770SSXZG
    UE55F6800SBXXH, UE55F6800SBXXU, UE55F7000SLXXC, UE55F7000SLXXN, UE55F7000STXXU
    UE55F8000SLXXC, UE55F8000STXXU, UE55F8005STXXE, UE55F9000SLXXN, UE55F9005STXXE
    UE55F9080STXZG, UE55F9090SLXZG, UE60F7000SLXXN, UE65F6400AKXXH, UE65F6400AWXXN
    UE65F6475, UE65F6475SBXXE, UE65F8000SLXZF, UE65F8005STXXE, UE65F8090SLXZG
    UE65F9000SLXXC, UE65F9000SLXXH, UE65F9000SLXZF, UE65F9090SLXZG, UE75F6400AWXXN
    Package Includes:
    1 X Remote Control(Battery not included)

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