BN59-01069A Remote Control Replacement for Samsung LCD LED TVs

  • Product description
    Cmpatibility: Various Samsung TV's such as:
    LE32C650L1KXXU, LE40C530F1W, LE19C450E1W, LE26C450E1WXXU, LE32C650L1W, LE40C530F1WXXU, LE19C450E1WXXU
    LE-32, C530F1W, LE32C650L1WXXU, LE40C550J1W, LE40C550J1WXXU, LE40C654M1KXXU, LE55C650L1KXXU
    PS50C6500TK, LE40C580J1K, LE46C530F1W, LE55C650L1WXXU, PS50C6500TKXXU, LE40C580J1KXXU, LE46C530F1WXXU
    LE60C650L1KXXU, PS50C7000YK, LE40C650L1K, LE46C580J1KXXU, PS42C450B1W, PS50C7000YKXXU, LE40C650L1KXXU
    LE46C650L1K, PS42C450B1WXXU, PS58C6500TK, LE40C650L1W, LE46C650L1KXXU, PS-50 C7000YK, PS58C6500TKXXU
    LE40C650L1WXXU, LE46C650L1WXXU,PS50C450B1W, PS63C7000YK, LE40C652L2K, LE46C652L2K, PS50C450B1WXXU
    PS63C7000YKXXU, LE40C652L2KXXU, LE46C652L2KXXU, PS50C550G1W, UE22C4000PW, LE40C654M1K, LE55C650L1K
    PS50C550G1WXXU, UE22C4000PWXXU, UE26C4000PW, UE32C6000RK, UE37C5100QW, UE37C6540SK, UE26C4000PWXXU
    UE32C6000RKXXU, UE37C5100QWXXU, UE37C6540SKXXU, UE-32, C6000RW/XXN, UE32C6505UK, UE37C5800QK
    UE37C6620UK, UE-32, C6000RW/XZG, UE32C6505UKXXU UE37C5800QKXXU, UE37C6620UKXXU, UE32C4000PW
    UE32C6510UK, UE37C6000RK, UE-40, C5100QW/XXN, UE32C4000PWXXU, UE32C6510UKXXU, UE37C6000RKXXU
    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.
    Package Includes:
    1 X Remote Control(Battery not included)
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