EN-EL12 USB Battery Charger Replacement for Nikon Coolpix S610c S620 S630 P300 S6000

by Generic Brand

  • Note: This is a generic brand product.

    TOP-MAX USB Battery Charger for Nikon EN-EL12
    (Attention:battery,plug and power are not included )

    Input: DC5V 50-60Hz 5W
    This is a brand new replacement charger not original brand.
    Rated output: 2.5W (DC4.2V, 0.6A)


    High quality and performance charger designed to charge batteries quickly and safely

    Smart LED charging status indicator

    Short circuit protection


    1) The lightweight charger set allows you to charge the batteries of the devices listed while saving space. The following usage modes are possible:

    2) Load on the USB port of a laptop, a PC or using a Powerbank, Load on the sector

    3) The internal components allow an intelligent charging in order to protect the battery from overheating or overloading. The cradle also shows the charge status on the LED Screen.

    4) The supplied USB cable can be used, not only with the charger, but also with the most actual mobiles/smartphones, which use this standard connection (Micro USB B)
    How to use:

    1.Put the camera battery inside the charge.

    2.Connect the USB plug to any 5V power source.

    3.Connect the USB plug to any DC input socket or computer.

    4.When it's fully chatged a 4 bars will show up on the screen

    Note: Before using this charger, read the manual carefully and make sure you are understand completely all instruction, safety reles contained in the manual.

    Compatible with::

    Canon EN-EL12

    Fit for Camera Models:

    Nikon Coolpix Series:
    S610, S610c, S620, S630,P300
    S710, S640, S70, S1000pj ,S1100pj,S1200pj,S6000,
    S6100 S8000 S8100 S8200 S9100 S9200 S9300 S9400 etc...

    Please note:
    This list is not a comprehensive list. New camera models are always being released and your camera may not be listed above. If your camera takes any of the battery models mentioned above , then this charger will work with your camera.
    You can contact us through E-mail to make sure it fits or not, thank you.

    1. Do not disassemble or attempt to open the charger.
    2. Disconnect the main plug from the supply socket when not in use.
    3. Charge the specified battery only!
    4. Keep away from fire or moisture.
    5. Lithium battery life of about 3 years, you can cycle use through about 500-600 times. Lithium battery should be replaced after three years.


    1 x main charger
    1 x USB cable

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