Panasonic EUR511212 EUR511211 EUR511212A EUR511212BR Remote Control Replacement

  • EUR511212 Replace Remote Control for PANASONIC EUR511211 EUR511212A EUR511212BR
    Product description
    EUR511212 Replacement Remote for Panasonic Smart TV TXW28R4DP TXW32D4DP TXW32R4
    TX21MD4 TX21MK1M TX24DX1 TX25MD4 TX25MK1 TX28DK1
    TX28DK2 TX28DT2 TX28DT2/E TX28LD4DP TX28MD4 TX28MK1M
    TX28PK1 TX28PK10 TX28PK2 TX28PK2/E TX28PK3 TX28PK3L TX28PL1
    TX28PL10 TX28XD4A TX29AK1 TX32DK1 TX32DK2 TX32DT2 TX32PB50
    TX32PD30 TX32PF10 TX32PG30 TX32PG50 TX32PH40 TX32PK1 TX32PK2
    TX32PK20 TX32PK3 TX32PL1 TX32PS12 TX33AK10 TX36PB50 TX36PD30
    TX36PF10 TX36PG50 TX47PT1 TXW28R4 TXW28R4DP TXW32D4DP TXW32R4
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate
    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.
    Package Includes:
    1 X Remote Control(Battery not included)
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