Replacement Remote Control BN59-01198Q for Samsung TV UE32J5500 UE32J5500AKXXC

  • New TV Remote Control BN59-01198Q for Samsung TV.
    Model: BN59-01198Q
    Connection Type: Infrared
    No any program needed, only put into brand new battery will work well.
    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models: (Not only these models)
    UE32J5500 UE32J5500AKXXC UE32J5500AWXXH UE32J5500AWXZF UE32J5502
    UE32J5502AKXXH UE32J5550 UE32J5550SUXZG UE32J5570SUXTK UE32J5570SUXXC
    UE32J5570SUXZG UE32J5670 SUXZG UE32J6200AWXXN UE32J6250 UE32J6250SUXZG
    UE32J6270 UE32J6270SUXZG UE32J6275 UE32J6275SUXXE UE32J6300
    UE32J6300AK (UE32J6300AKXXC) UE32J6300AWXXH UE32J6300AWXZF UE32J6350
    UE32J6350 UE32J6350SUXZG UE32J6370SUXTK UE32J6370SUXZG UE40J6200
    UE40J6200 UE40J6200AKXXC UE40J6200AWXXH UE40J6200AWXXN UE40J6200AWXZF UE40J6250
    UE40J6250 UE40J6250SUXZG UE40J6270 UE40J6270 UE40J6270SUXZG UE40J6275
    UE40J6275 UE40J6275SUXXE UE40J6300 UE40J6300 UE40J6350 UE40J6350SUXZG
    UE40J6370SUXZG UE40JU6400 UE40JU6400 UE40JU6400KXZF UE40JU6400WXXH
    UE40JU6435 UE40JU6435 UE40JU6435UXZG UE40JU6445K UE40JU6450
    UE40JU6450 UE40JU6450UXZG UE40JU6470UXTK UE40JU6470UXZG UE40JU6480UXZG
    UE40JU6485UXZG UE40JU6490UXZG UE40JU6495UXZG UE43J5500
    UE43J5500 UE43J5500AWXXH UE43J5500AWXXN UE43J5500AWXZF UE43J5505
    UE43J5505 UE43J5505AKXXE UE43J5550 UE43J5550 UE43J5550SUXZG UE43J5570SUXXC
    UE43J5570SUXZG UE43J5600AK UE43J5670SUXZG UE48J5500 UE48J5500 UE48J5500AKXXC
    UE48J5500AKXXU UE48J5500AWXXH UE48J5500AWXZF UE48J5550 UE48J5550 UE48J5550SUXZG
    UE48J5570 UE48J5570SUXTK UE48J5570SUXXC UE48J5570SUXZG UE48J5605
    UE48J5605AKXXE UE48J5670SUXZG UE48J6200 UE48J6200AKXXC UE48J6200AWXXH UE48J6200AWXZF
    UE48J6250 UE48J6250SUXZG UE48J6270SUXTK UE48J6270SUXZG UE48J6300AKXXU UE48J6300AWXZF
    UE48J6350 UE48J6350SUXZG UE48J6375 UE48J6375SUXXE UE48JU6400 UE48JU6400WXXH
    UE48JU6410 UE48JU6410UXZF UE48JU6430UXZG UE48JU6435UXZG UE48JU6440WXXH
    UE48JU6450 UE48JU6450UXZG UE48JU6470 UXZG UE48JU6470UXTK
    UE48JU6480UXZG UE48JU6485UXZG UE48JU6490UXZG UE48JU6495UXZG UE50J5500
    UE50J5500AKXXC UE50J5500AWXXH UE50J5500AWXZF UE50J5550 UE50J5550SUXZG
    UE50J5570SUXZG UE50J6200 UE50J6200AWXXH UE50J6250 UE50J6250SUXZG
    UE50J6275 UE50J6275SUXXE UE50JU6450 UE50JU6450UXZG UE50JU6470 UE50JU6470UXZG
    UE50JU6800 UE50JU6800KXZF UE50JU6850 UE50JU6850UXZG UE50JU6870UXXN
    UE55J6200AWXXH UE55J6200AWXXN UE55J6240AKXXC UE55J6250 UE55J6250 UE55J6250SUXZG
    UE55J6270 UE55J6270SUXZG UE55J6300 UE55J6300 UE55J6300AKXXU UE55J6300AWXXH
    UE55J6350 UE55J6350SUXZG UE55J6370SUXTK UE55J6370SUXXC
    UE55J6375 UE55J6375SUXXE UE55JS7200UXTK UE55JU6400
    UE55JU6400WXXH UE55JU6410UXZF UE55JU6415UXXE UE55JU6430UXZG UE55JU6435
    UE55JU6435UXZG UE55JU6450 UE55JU6450UXZG UE55JU6465UXXE UE55JU6470UXZG
    UE55JU6475 UE55JU6475UXXE UE55JU6480UXZG UE55JU6485UXZG
    UE55JU6490UXZG UE55JU6495UXZG UE55JU6530UXKZ UE55JU6800 UE55JU6800KXZF UE55JU6800WXXH
    UE55JU6850 UE55JU6850UXZG UE55JU6870UXZG UE55JU6875 UE55JU6875UXXE
    UE60J6200 UE60J6200AKXXC UE60J6200AWXXH UE60J6200AWXXN UE60J6200AWXZF
    UE60J6250 UE60J6250SUXZG UE60JU6400 UE60JU6400 UE60JU6450
    UE60JU6450UXZG UE60JU6470UXTK UE60JU6470UXZG UE60JU6800 UE60JU6800KXZF
    UE60JU6850 UE60JU6850UXZG UE60JU6870UXZG UE65JU6450 UE65JU6450UXZG
    UE75JU6450 UE75JU6450UXZG UE75JU6470UXZG
    Package Includes:
    1 X Remote Control(Battery not included)
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