About Us

PowerAussie.com is an online shop for batteries, chargers, electronics and other accessories. We provide our customers with premium quality battery, charger and other accessories for various electronic equipment at the most competitive price. By minimizing our overhead costs such as retail outlet, reseller margin, and brand margin, we are able to pass savings on to customers by offering our products at the lowest possible price. We keep our warehouse stocked with large volume of products so we can provide our clients with almost any model or part when they need it. We maintain a high level of customer service and pride ourselves with our highly trained staff and experienced technicians who in turn can take advantage of the technologies we have developed to service our customers and to make sure our products are shipped without any delay. 

Please use the following methods to contact us:

Email: info@poweraussie.com

Phone: +8617688886853

Office hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm UTC+10.